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New Resources Launched to End Conversion Therapy in Canada

Released: Wednesday October 14, 2020 (Ottawa) - No Conversion Canada

Earlier this month, Bill C-6 An Act to amend the Criminal Code (conversion therapy) was re-introduced to the House of Commons as one of the first orders of business by the Federal Government. Today, to mark International Coming Out Day (Oct 11), which is recognized around the world to celebrate the visibility, strength, and resiliency of LGBTQ2+ people, we are proud to launch several new resources to support legislative action against conversion therapy in Canada.

1.A new national report, which is entitled "Conversion Therapy in Canada: A Guide for Legislative Action", which features research, Charter analysis, legislative recommendations, and new stories and voices from Canadian survivors of conversion therapy. This guide is authored by Dr. Kristopher Wells, Canada Research Chair for the Public Understanding of Sexual and Gender Minority Youth, and endorsed by 15 prominent national organizations, including the Canadian Psychological Association, Canadian Association of Social Workers, Canadian Teachers’ Federation, Canadian Auto Workers, Canadian Labour Congress, United Church of Canada, and many others:

2.A new open letter supporting the research consensus against conversion therapy, which has been signed by 120 Canadian academics, including 16 distinguished research chairs of which 12 are notable Canada Research Chairs. The letter is available in French and English:

3.A new open letter by trans activist and conversion therapy survivor, Erika Muse, the Centre for Gender and Sexual Health Equity, the Community-Based Research Centre and the Enchanté Network, which has been signed by over 75 independent Canadian organizations and hundreds of Canadians, in support of a federal ban and calling for amendments to strengthen current legislation to prevent all forms of sexual orientation and gender identity or expression change efforts. The letter is available in French and English:

4.An interactive online map which tracks the current status of conversion therapy laws in Canada, which includes information on bylaws, legislation, and policies that have been passed or are in progress by municipalities, provinces/territories, and the Federal Government and Senate of Canada. This map is the definitive source on the status of conversion therapy laws and legislation in Canada:

5.A new infographic and video, which are designed to help the public understand why legislative action against conversion therapy is necessary and critical:

It is expected that Bill C-6 will soon be presented for 2nd reading in the House of Commons, after which it will be sent to the Justice Committee for public hearings. We hope the above new resources will help to support amendments that are designed to strengthen Bill C-6 in an effort to create the definitive and most comprehensive conversion therapy prohibition legislation in the world. Bill C-6 is not only a matter of national importance, but it also has the opportunity to help impact the global fight against conversion therapy and save hundreds of thousands of lives from the abuse and torture of conversion therapy and its associated practices.

No Conversion Canada is a national, nonpartisan, nonprofit and grassroots organization dedicated solely to banning conversion therapy in Canada. No Conversion Canada works directly with conversion therapy survivors, LGBTQ2+ activists, civil society organizations, academics and Parliamentarians to raise awareness about conversion therapy in Canada and develop comprehensive, federal legislation to criminalize and outlaw this form of abuse. More information about the organization can be found on our website:


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