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Wilson sisters still have it after 35 years

Concert Review by Jason Clevett (From February 2011 Online)

It seems like a wave of incredible women are washing over Alberta right now. Just 24 hours after Melissa Etheridge & Serena Ryder rocked Calgary's Jubilee Auditorium, Heart sold out the same venue bringing their classic, groundbreaking music to life.

The American-born Wilson sisters, Nancy (she of the high kicks and guitar) and Ann (she of the incredible voice) through a series of twists and turns became Heart.  They are winding down a coast-to-coast tour of the country that first brought the band to light. In under two hours they gave the audience - both those who bought their 1976 album Dreamboat Annie and those who were nowhere close to being born at that time – an unforgettable evening.

Kicking off with Cook with Fire, Heartless and What About Love, Ann's voice was in top form as she belted out power ballads. Not to be outdone, Nancy held her own on These Dreams and Hey You. The show was a mix of classic songs, along with tracks from their August 2010 album Red Velvet Car.

For me the highlight of the night featured the Wilson sisters and their keyboardist on one of their biggest hits, Alone. The song has been covered on everything from Idol to Celine Dion, but nothing matches the original.  When Ann belted out those high notes it was absolutely breathtaking, resulting in the first standing ovation of the night.

Although obviously very much in love, the audience remained seated for much of the show, showing their enthusiasm in applause and cheering. However, the audience was brought back to their feet with a hat-trick of Magic Man, Crazy on You, and Barracuda ending the main set.

Returning to the stage for a couple of covers, a final encore took the band back to where it began, with Dreamboat Annie closing out the night.

The band requested no photos, and that seemed to dampen some fans enjoyment as security harassed them while they tried to get a snapshot. It's a shame that in this day and age some artists choose to limit their fans' ability to take home something special from the show in the form of a simple picture. It certainly had people complaining.

Aside from that, the Heart concert was pretty much rock n' roll perfection. "Classic" rock seems to just get better with age, as many current artists are put to shame when you take away their auto-tune and effects. When Heart is on, it is a thing to behold.(GC)

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