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Dear GC&E Magazine,

I cannot believe how stressful it is living in Alberta, what with the cold weather and the constant threats and intimidation I face in my quest for gender reassignment surgery. I sent a bouquet of flowers to "Chastity" Bono (Cher’s daughter and now son) along with a note when he became legally recognized as a man, or "Chazz" Bono in a California court. Why can’t I get the same respect here in my quest to do the reverse and switch from male to female?

Cabinet Ministers (including the Premier) get unlimited free health care without restrictions and quite often get pushed ahead of regular citizens if they know the right Doctors to call. I think that’s reasonable as the sooner they get well, the faster they can get back to governing and ensuring continuity for our citizens. So if former Health Minister Ron Liepert were to ask for gender reassignment surgery to become "Ronita" or "Veronica" Liepert, he would get it, no questions asked. I ask you how is that fair?


Walter Dean Blake(GC)

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