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Articles in the July 2009 Edition
The Cowboy on the Inside
Publisher’s Column
I have to say, our cats were not pleased with us at all this past month. After the both of us spending three weekends in a row out of town, they have...
Theo Tams Gives it All Away
Our Canadian Idol on Reality TV, Debut Album, and Infamous CI Mo
There must be something in the water in Alberta. Canadian Idol has had three winners from this province, including the 2008 winner, Coaldale’s Theo Tams...
Dark Shades of Blue
An Interview with Xavier Rudd
Listening to Xavier Rudd’s music is a unique experience. The Australian folk singer uses wood instruments like the aboriginal didgeridoo to enhance his...
Out of Town
Three Great New York City Neighborhoods
This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, which galvanized New York City’s GLBT community and helped ultimately to kick-start the modern...
Creep of the Week
Leroy Swailes
Homosexuals aren’t human. Also they are the anti-Christ. And pedophiles. And bestialiacs (I don’t know if that’s a word and while I could probably do a...
Military Affairs
Canada’s Forgotten Veterans
With all the advances made in recent years around acceptance and rights, it is easy to forget what it was like in earlier periods. Even those who lived...
Q Scopes
Let go, Leo!
The Sun and Cancer are in Mercury, making us a bit more affectionate and emotional. They aspect Saturn in Virgo, drawing attention to faults, details and...
Adult Film Review
Slow Heat, Anal Intruder
“Slow Heat” by Courtesy of Priape Cast: Colton Steele, Del Cobb, Steve Carlisle, Steve O’Donnell, Chad Manning, Cory Flint, Nick Capra...
Deep Inside Hollywood
Brokeback spouses reunite
Big-screen beckons Neil Patrick Harris While hosting this year’s Tony Awards, Neil Patrick Harris joked about his second-class status as a “TV guy.” But...
Cocktail Chatter
The Best Bartending Books and The Mixer Mix-up
The Best Bartending Books Whether it’s a lack of money or an excess of agoraphobia, you’ve decided to start making more cocktails at home. But there...
Bathhouse Pilot Program for MSM
Both Innovative and Provocative!
It has been a very long time since I have been inspired by a new program and support system for the men who have sex with men (MSM). It seems to me over...
HIV - Trading a Death Sentence for a Life Sentence
Criminal Law and Disclosure in Canada
HIV is more than an illness, it is a physical, psychological and social condition. No longer a “death sentence”, sometimes people call it chronic and manageable...
Letters to the Editor
Dear Editor, Celebrating Pride reminds us that there’s always an undertone of history. Without the acknowledgment of Stonewall, and its significance to...
Pride Calgary:
Thoughts from a recent Pride convert
I have a secret that’s been bothering me but haven’t felt that I could admit it until now. Denial has gotten me nowhere, which is unfortunate, because...
Western Canadian Pride Festival
A Sense of Community…in the Woods!
To the uninitiated, the term “gay campout” may at first bring about a sense of trepidation. One may think that if they are younger and cute they will be...
Sexual Harassment
Yes it DOES Happen to Us!
The notion of Sexual Harassment has been grossly stereotyped in the straight world to imply a man as the aggressor and a woman as the victim. For straight...
The CPS Diversity Resources Unit
Keeping us Equal in the Eyes of the Law
According to national statistics, between 35,000 and 85,000 residents of Calgary are either Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, or Trans. Constable Lynn MacDonald...
The Lion King
Magical Musical Roars into Alberta
I will never forget March 11th, 2004. My first trip to New York City, and the one night I could see a Broadway show. I was overwhelmed with choices; bright...
Serena Ryder
Chatting with a Juno Award Winner
Millbrook, Ontario singer-songwriter Serena Ryder released her first indie album at 15, has had international success, opened for bands like Aerosmith...
A History of Gender Variance in Expression and Identity
Part 5A: Stonewall and It’s Fissures (1969 - 1984)
By 1969, alongside the questioning of authority, resentment of war and youthful unrest that had been happening with the “hippie” movement, the frustrations...
Click Click Boom
Behind the Lens with Photographer Mike Ruiz
Photography is an unappreciated art, and often those artists whose snapshots make people and places look so amazing are overlooked. In the case of Mike...
She ... Amanda Lepore
“World’s Most Famous Transsexual”
Amanda Lepore is pretty. Really pretty. And she has no qualms about pouting her lips or pouring out her cleavage enough times so you know it. The “My Pussy”...