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“Wayne Gretzky Rocks!”

Art Review by Brian Pawlak (From GayCalgary® Magazine, August 2008, page 59)
I recently spoke with Colleen Phillipi, who will be exhibiting works of art at Newzones Gallery until August 23rd, 2008. It is a group show entitled “Wayne Gretzky Rocks!”

The theme of the show is?

It’s about being Canadian, it’s a comical show because one thing Canadians are is funny with a good dose of sarcasm. I grew up in northern Ontario on Lake of the Woods so I’m painting this image which is from Lake of the Woods, but it is also very representative of what the Shield looks like, the Canadian Shield. There is lots of mining there and I was also thinking of here and the Tar Sands and the fact that they are not charging enough royalties and they are so happy to give it away.

So your work is political?

Sometimes it is but in a more whimsical way, I don’t want to pound people over the head with a bat or anything like that but more in a comical way.

To be Canadian is to give it away?

Well I think we give our stuff away way to easily, oil, water, minerals, land.

Have you ever done any large scale commissions?

I have done, some of my commissions have been quit large, I just finished a commission in Washington State. It was made of twelve panels and stretched over fifty feet.

Was it panels with canvas on it?

No, they are made out of wood. Every thing I do is made out of wood, normally the painting has little doors on it or draws and is mixed media.

Do you consider yourself a sculptor or a painter?

Painter probably more, paintings that have sculptural bits, there reliefs I think you could call them, interactive reliefs.

Colleen showed me one of her artworks that has doors on it and one is able to manipulate the work and create your own art work. They are very painterly and playful.

Wayne Gretzky Rocks!

Newzones Gallery

730-11 Ave SW, Calgary


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