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The 5th Annual Cut-A-Thon

AFQOL Proves that One Person Can Make a Difference

Community Event by Dallas Barnes (From GayCalgary® Magazine, August 2008, page 31)
Artists for Quality of Life (AFQOL) wants you to get your hair cut! On September 1st, local stylists will be generously donating their time and talents in celebration of the 5th Annual Donnie Peters Memorial Cut-A-Thon at Tomkins Park. All proceeds from this event will go to the Positive Living Lunch Program provided by AIDS Calgary, ensuring hot lunches for individuals living with HIV and AIDS.

Established in 1988 by Minni Coulson and her husband George, The Positive Living Lunch Program provides a much needed opportunity for individuals living with HIV and AIDS to meet others and to enjoy a much needed meal. All meals are funded by generous sponsors, and run by volunteers. Patrick O’Neil and Doug Langille are now facilitating The Positive Living Lunch Program bi-weekly from the first Friday in September until the last Friday in June.

“AFQOL has been instrumental in providing services for people living with HIV and AIDS,” says AIDS Calgary’s Susan Cress. Since its creation in 2004, Artists for Quality of Life has become “Calgary’s most exciting and innovative charitable organization.” It is purely run on the hard work and generosity of volunteers, dedicated to providing a better life for all Calgarians.

Donnie Peters created and ran the Cut-A-Thon until his passing in 1999, contributing generously to the Positive Living Lunch Program. In celebration of his dedication and success, Peters’ close friend and AFQOL Executive Chair, Linda Huston Eckess has continued with this amazing event. Eckess is passionate about her work with AFQOL, and this is evident in her work with the Cut-A-Thon. Her mantra “the hero lies in you” permeates her vision of this community’s charity, and this is why events such as the 5th Annual Donnie Peters Memorial Cut-A-Thon are continuing to be such a success - continuing to make a difference.

So far, stylists from the Ginger Group, Jami Symons, Chrome, The Fringe, and Creative Profile have signed up to show off their talents at Tomkins Park. Adults and pets will pay a mere $20 for a great cut, while children are only charged $10. This is a perfect way to save a few bucks on a fantastic haircut, while helping a much needed cause.

Linda would like to stress that this event is family-friendly, so don’t be shy to bring everyone along. There will be an assortment of entertainment ranging from clowns, face painting, fashion shows, DJ’s, belly dancers, and vendor booths.

There is still room for vendors, sponsors, and volunteers. If you would like to sponsor the event or rent a booth (for a mere $25), please visit the AFQOL website to register. You can also register to become a volunteer at this event or any other AFQOL event by visiting their website.

AFQOL will also be presenting the 2nd Annual Endless Summer Beach Party at The Backlot on August 16th, as well as a Barbeque/Karaoke night at Money Pennies on August 24th. Visit the AFQOL website for all the details.

Donnie Peters was a man that made a difference. His vision of a family-friendly charity event assisting those living with AIDS and HIV is a strong testament to his memory, and at the rate it’s going, it will only get stronger.

The 5th Annual Donnie Peters Cut-A-Thon

September 1, 2008

Tomkins Park

17th Ave and 8th Street SW


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