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She’s One Kinky “Doll”

Barbies Shop Moves to a New Location

Business Spotlight by James S. M. Demers (From GayCalgary® Magazine, August 2008, page 30)
She’s nothing like the prim and proper female cultural icon that has been setting children up for disappointment for decades. This Barbie is sultry, sexy, and downright kinky – definitely catering to those who are anatomically realistic.
The Barbie shop recently moved to their new location on 16th Avenue SW, snuggled right behind Priape. Some may find this move a bit surprising, but Barbies believes that garnering a friendship with the adult men’s store will allow both businesses to better serve their niche markets, and allow for easy redirection of traffic between one another.
While the focus of the store had always been centered on kink and fetish clothing - with a particular emphasis on foot wear - their concentration on custom leather wear is coming back into the limelight. They hope this will balance with their new neighbour’s selection of leather products and implements. In addition, Barbies will be stepping up their selection of men’s boots, including Doc Martin brand, to help bring out the leather man in many of us. They are enthusiastic about returning part of their focus to a queer market, and setting an example in keeping positive business relationships with other members of the GLBT community.
For something truly unique, keep your Tuesdays open. Starting soon, Barbies Shop will be offering monthly pole dancing lessons care of Pole Junkies, at a cost of $100 for four classes. The pole is ready to go, right in the store!
Barbies has a long and interesting history in this city. In 2004 the owner Barbie Anderson-Walley was taken to court by Mattel Inc. in an attempt force a name change, under the reasoning that a kinky Goth and fetish store would sully the name of their popular (if not anatomically unrealistic) doll. The media picked up on the story and ran with it, bringing a great deal of support for Barbies Shop from the community. Barbies Shop won the case and benefited ten-fold from the publicity that it generated. It’s a welcome turn of events that a small local business in is able to hold their own against a corporate giant.
Barbies Shop has been a staple of the community and continues to be a cornerstone of the fetish market in Calgary. With their change in location and new working business relationship with Priape, things look promising. The “little store that could” is going to continue to be a unique and edgy adult outlet, showing great flexibility in adapting to the needs of its customers.
So stop by and check out the new location - try on some boots or heels, cuffs or collars, and even take a swing on the pole!

Barbies Shop – New Location
1313 16th Avenue SW
(403) 262-8265


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