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POV, Con, Sweaty, Daddy

Adult Film Review - Male by Jerome Voltero (From GayCalgary® Magazine, July 2008, page 26)
“P.O.V.” by Titan Media, Courtesy of Priape
Starring: Darius Falke, Frank Philipp*, Braxton Bond, Dillon Buck*, Luddvid Candt, Vin Costes, Geoffrey Paine, Francois Sagat*.
The acronym “POV” is short for “Point of View”, in this case alluding to the gimmick of this porno – a free-roaming video camera, manned by the actors themselves, that captures amateur footage on top of what is being filmed professionally. Spread across 2 CDs, this porno contains over 4 hours of steamy footage.
Braxton Bond is on his way up to join a buddy for a weekend in the mountains, and comes across a farmer who is having a yard sale. Bond pays just $20 for an old video camera with night-vision, and gets a tripod thrown in as well – what a deal!! The camera comes with batteries and a tape…but no power cord to recharge it. Those batteries must be heavy-freakin-duty!
Bond finds a secluded place to examine the camera and finds that there is already something recorded to the tape. When he plays it back, he witnesses a steamy 3-way between Frank Philipp, Geoffrey Paine, and Vin Costes, in a dark tool-shed dungeon. This gives new meaning to voyeurism, and Bond certainly doesn’t look away! Be forewarned that this scene is a little kinky, involving bondage, lots of watersports, and some heavy duty sounding - which can be a bit alarming if it’s your first time seeing it (incidentally, if this excites you, I am pretty sure I’ve seen the identical sounding kit for sale at Priape). The three guys shoot their loads and move on for some further playtime in the sling.
This gives Bond some very naughty ideas, as he goes on to play out his fantasies, and capture them on his trusty new camera.

“Out On the Con” by AlphaMale Media, Courtesy of Priape
Starring: Rocky Torrez*, Carlo Cox*, Trojan Rock*, Rocco Banks, Marco Di Lucca, Aitor Crash*, Mario Delazarius, Ross Hurston, Unity (special guest star).
Rocky Torrez is being set up. A good deed returning a forgotten purse to a “foxy” lady (Unity) lures him past some big beefy bodyguards (Carlo Cox and Trojan Rock) that he just can’t resist. Before he knows it, they’re back at his apartment and he’s down on his knees sucking off both of these burly men. If you’re into hairy, muscular guys, this scene will knock your “sock” off!
The three guys hang out for a while afterward, and Torrez is shown a special website that his new buddies are involved with – a male prostitution ring for “hard tops” to find tricks. Torrez goes on to show the site to his boyfriend, Rocco Banks, who is not happy over the prospect but can’t shake the fact that the couple needs the money. They receive their first offer fairly soon, two grand that they can’t refuse, and soon they are out servicing some seedy looking convict that is out to screw them, and not in a good way.
With a crazy bitch like Unity on the loose, who looks like something right out of the Matrix (and yet she carries a purse?), one has to wonder if these boys are going to lose more than just their dignity trying to get out of this mess.

“Hot and Sweaty” by AlphaMale Media, Courtesy of Adult Depot
Starring: Trojan Rock*, Ross Hurston, Axel Ryder*, Ben Mason, Fernando Nielson*, Buck Monroe*, Jaxson Phillipe, Thiery Lamasse, Rod Piston.
Manual labour in the summer heat can cause horny men’s minds to wander. As Thiery Lamasse and Rod Piston are cleaning windows on adjacent corners of a building, they start to make lewd gestures toward one another, and the bulges grow in their jogging pants. Finally they duck inside and close the blinds to act out their dirty thoughts. The owner of the condo may have spotless windows, but now they need to get their carpets cleaned!
In the next scene we get to see the hottie from the cover, Fernando Nielson. He’s the beefy guy with a 5 o’clock shadow - looks cute, but a little dense. He and Ben Mason are processing deliveries in a warehouse, but the heat is getting oppressive for the two men in their blue uniforms. Nielson is the first to undo his garb, showing off a big beautiful tattoo on his arm, and a really nice ass! Mason is soon to follow, and the two unanimously stop for a cock-fee break.
But by far, my favorite is the third scene in the kitchen, with Trojan Rock, Axel Ryder, and Ross Hurston. Two out of three guys from my hot list ain’t bad. Ryder decides to play a little joke, leaving his pants off underneath his apron to see how long it takes his co-workers to notice. And they certainly do! Waiter, there’s a pube in my soup…and this cream sauce is far too salty!

“Amateur Daddy Orgy” by Pantheon Productions, Courtesy of Adult Depot
Starring: Tony Greene*, Behr Ryder*, Dallas, Dylan Parker*, Jack Holden, Jack Sullivan, Jay Masters*, Jeremy Steele*, Lee Edwards, Lobo Al*, Mike Edmond.
Well, I wanted to get a porno with some new faces in it. Sex is definitely in the air as an afternoon orgy breaks out amongst a group of bears and older daddies, in an otherwise quiet sports bar. Mike Edmond has the presence of mind to run home and grab his camera, before stripping down and joining in the fun.
Suffice it to say there are some really good looking guys, mixed in with some not so good looking ones, and one or two really crusty ones. I guess you gotta take the good with the bad, and these guys don’t seem to mind. They automatically break off into subgroups with mutual interests, and every now and then someone wanders away and joins another cluster. The camera focuses on particular events, such as Dylan Parker asking to get gang-banged for the first time, or the two Jacks getting frisky with one another.
If you’re only into your younger, slender, innocent pretty boys then this porno will scare the living daylights out of you! This is a flurry of fur, fat, and tattoos, in a grubby bar with only a pool table to lay back on. Woof! I can say there’s never a dull moment!
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