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International Mr. Priape Wear

Photos of Regional Winners and International Winner

Fashion Review by GayCalgary Staff & Contributors (From GayCalgary® Magazine, July 2008, page 12)
Priape held their Calgary installment of the International Mr. Priape Wear competition near the beginning of June. Crowds of people packed into the Calgary Eagle to witness the event, now in its second year. Competitors were judged on how well they modeled Priape clothing, as well as their stage presence and ability to talk on the microphone.

Our regional winner was Ron Yakymyshyn, who went on to compete at the International finals in Montreal, but unfortunately did not place in the top three. The 2008 International Mr. Priape Wear winner is Tym Roders out of Vancouver.

Nevertheless, Ron is still #1 in our books, and appears on our cover this month.


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