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61 Circus Acts in 60 Seconds

“Difficult to Describe, Impossible to Forget”

Theatre Preview by Dallas Barnes (From GayCalgary® Magazine, May 2008, page 60)
Circa is Australia’s most unique and unforgettable circus company and is coming to Calgary for its North American tour of 61 Circus Acts in 60 Seconds. As the title suggests, the performers enchant the audience under a time clock with whimsical, humorous, and surreal acts with a burlesque undertone.
“Circa has a unique vision of circus as a delightful, challenging and contemporary art form.”
Derived from Australia’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus, Circa is now the professional name and troupe of this organization that was originally founded in 1987 as a community project collective.
Artistic Director Yaron Lifscitz joined Circa in 1999. He brings an extensive background to the troupe, ranging from mainstage and physical theatre to opera. “Yaron’s vision is of a philosophically challenging, poetic contemporary artform born out of the traditional languages of circus,” which is a perfect fit for 61 Circus Acts in 60 Seconds, and of Circa itself.
Each year Circa performs to an audience of over 50,000 people both in Australia and around the world. They also run their own circus training programs out of Brisbane, offering courses to anyone from ages 6 to 63. Not only can one enjoy the performance, they can become a performer as well.
The cast of 61 Circus Acts in 60 Seconds is a prime example of how Circa’s young ingenues can become world-class performers. David Carberry, Darcy Grant, and Chelsea McGuffin complete the entire cast, and all were young Circa students. It is not the number of cast members of 61 Circus Acts in 60 Seconds that make the performance, but their multitude of talents each member brings to the stage.
Carberry brings “exceptional contortion, tumbling and acrobatic skills to his work as well as a refined movement vocabulary.” It is with no doubt that his introduction to the Flying Fruit Circus at the age of 11 prepared him for a career in the performing arts. As an emerging DJ in his hometown of Brisbane, Carberry uses his musical talents to provide an incomparable and contemporary soundtrack to the show.
Another young graduate from the Flying Fruit Circus, Darcy Grant is described as “an acrobat, tumbler, unicycle rider, diabloist, and hand balancer.” He is an integral part of the Australian community as well. Grant partners with the Blackrobats, and indigenous youth circus from northern Australia.
Rounding out the cast, Chelsea McGuffin brings an extensive dance background to the performance. As a graduate of the Centre for Performing Arts and a professional career as an Artistic Director for the Vulcana Women’s Circus, with Circa “she has focused her training on the integration of circus and movement to continue to explore, create and develop a physical language for the space between different artforms.”
Who doesn’t enjoy the circus? Particulary a circus performed in a theatre such as The Grand. With its alluring and romantic ambience The Grand provides a perfect venue that will only add a magical aura to an already magical performance.
Circa’s 61 Circus Acts in 60 Seconds is a must-see for adults and children alike. It is through the art of contortionism, dance, humour, and music that we can all appreciate the magic of circus.
Theatre Junction Presents
61 Circus Acts in 60 Seconds, created by Circa
April 29th - May 3rd, 2008
Tickets: Wed/Thurs $20 Fri/Sat $25
Students (any night) $15
Under 16 (any night) $10
(prices do not include fees and gst)

Theatre Junction at The GRAND
608 1st Street SW
Calgary, AB
Tel: (403) 205-2922 ext 206
Fax: (403) 263-3605


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