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Edmonton Court Enters Coronation Month

Community Spotlight by Allison Brodowski (From GayCalgary® Magazine, May 2008, page 44)
The Imperial Sovereign Court of the Wild Rose has officially entered election season with the announcement of the Empress and Emperor candidates at the recent Calgary coronation.

The responsibilities for these elected positions are to act as figureheads for the organization, good-will ambassadors in the community and beyond, and spearhead the charitable fundraising efforts of the ISCWR for the year. The Edmonton court allows the monarchs to select which charities they will reach out to during their reign, based on who they feel would most benefit from community support. This year’s selected charities include Camp Fyrefly, Youth Understanding Youth, and The Emily Morgan Foundation.

The closing of the Roost (a major supporter of the court in past years) presented the organization with a challenge that the rest of the Edmonton bars have helped to balance out. Current reigning Emperor Lloyd Blue-Em-All and Empress Toni Lester Van Blam stated that they are extremely grateful for all the support they have received.

The president of the ISCWR, BigDaddy Pump, is optimistic about the work the court has done in the past year, and will continue to do in years to come. As president, his concerns rest with the court’s ability to give back to the community in a wide range of areas, from newly out teenagers to fighting AIDS. This year he aimed to accomplish this by creating more awareness of the organization throughout the community to drive bigger success with their events.

The current candidates running for Empress and Emperor seem to share his vision.

Marni Gras, candidate for Empress, is hoping to raise money for U of A AIDS Research Department and Stollery Children’s Hospital NICU in memory of her son, Andrew.

Candidate for Emperor, Sundance Lonestar, has been involved with the Edmonton court for four years starting out behind a camera and eventually moving towards a leadership role. He was elected as Crown Prince XXXI not long ago. Sundance Lonestar believes in a strong base of community support is essential to create success over the year. His chosen charity for the coming year is camp Fyrefly because of its commitment to building community leaders.

May has a bevy of the ISCWR’s annual events. The In Town show is set for May 29th at Boots, bringing the home grown talent to the stage - including the candidates. The Out of Town Show highlights talent from the courts around North America who travel to Edmonton for the Coronation ceremony. Both events are fundraisers, and donations are given by tipping during performances.

Last but not least is the Coronation ceremony itself, on the evening of the 31st of May in the Helenic Hall. This night culminates in the crowning of the new Emperor and Empress and brings many stunning performances together in a fabulous night packed with awards and entertainment. Unlike the Calgary court, ISCWR’s voting occurs live at the Coronation.

This is an opportunity for GLBT Edmontonians to select the representatives for their community for the next year, so be sure to attend Coronation XXXIII to cast your vote.

The ISCWR presents

Coronation XXXIII

Saturday May 31st @ 5:00pm

Helenic Hall, Edmonton

10450 116th Street


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