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Theory of a Deadman

Bearing their Scars and Souvenirs

Interview by Jason Clevett (From GayCalgary® Magazine, May 2008, page 12)
After much anticipation, Vancouver band Theory of a Deadman’s new CD Scars and Souvenirs hit stores April 1st. The trio’s third release continues where 2005’s Gasoline left off, with 13 hard rock tracks and power ballads about life.
GayCalgary and Edmonton Magazine caught up with vocalist Tyler Connolly and guitarist Dave Brenner on ice after the Juno Cup for an exclusive interview about the new CD.
“Thank god it’s out. It was a long time coming. We worked about a year on this record. I think we worked the hardest on this one so it is the most rewarding when everything comes out right. For us the timing is good right now, and we love the record, it’s our favorite,” said Connolly. Brenner agrees.
”It is our best record. We have grown as musicians through the five years of touring that we have been doing. I think we are pretty proud of this record. We are looking forward to people picking it up and knowing the songs when we play them on tour.”
The CD adds a more mature aspect to the band from their previous two albums, kicking off with the single So Happy, a catchy tune about dumping someone who has a few issues. Other harder-edged tracks with a similar theme include Crutch, Little Smirk, a song about revenge after finding your girlfriend cheating on you, and Bad Girlfriend which has one of my favorite lines in music to start off – “My girlfriend’s a dick magnet. My girlfriend’s gotta have it.” Substitute boyfriend in there, and I am sure many reading this can relate.
There are some great ballads on the disc as well, including By The Way, Heaven (Little By Little), and Not Meant To Be - a break up song that will surely have the cell phones lit up during shows. Personally, I absolutely love the song By The Way, which features Chris Daughtry and also deals with the loss of a relationship. It isn’t all break ups and gloom however, such as the song All or Nothing, which Connolly wrote for his wife Christine.
The band is no stranger to the Juno Awards, having won New Group of the Year in 2002 and with several nominations under their belt. With the 2009 awards scheduled for their hometown of Vancouver, they are hoping to take home some more awards, as well as finally defeat the NHL greats team in the Juno Cup (Brenner and bassist Dean Back played, and Connolly coached the rockers team that fell 16 – 15.)
“This year has been a blast so far. Next year is in Vancouver, our hometown. We are looking forward to having the Juno Cup with a hometown advantage we might just take it,” predicted Brenner.
Theory of a Deadman has earned its success despite some negative criticisms, including comparisons to Nickelback. The band got its break by signing to Chad Kroeger’s 604 records after Connolly gave Kroeger a demo tape. While vocally both singers have a similar voice, the two bands have their own distinctive styles. Connolly says he doesn’t worry about critics.
“I think having longevity is great. A lot of critics wish that some bands are just flashes in the pan. We proved to a lot of critics that they are wrong. It’s not a specific goal of ours [to prove critics wrong], we are just trying to be a band like anybody else.”
The band has a soft spot for Calgary, one of their best markets. The site of the Juno Cup, the Stampede Corral, was where the band last played, on a co-headlining tour with Three Days Grace in November 2006. One of Canada’s hardest working bands, they will bring their new tour to Macewan Hall in Calgary June 12th and the Edmonton Events Centre on June 13th. Fans have praised the band for the quality of their live show, and the band says this round will be no different.
“The Corral is awesome. It may be even better than when we played here. The corral is a great place to play music and play hockey. The shows keep getting better and better. There will be pyro, concussion bombs, concussion pyro,” quipped Brenner.
“I think I found one of my guitar pics in the corner,” joked Connolly before adding seriously. “We are just going to do the same thing we have always done, have an energetic live performance that keeps people interested. That is all we can do.”

Theory of a Deadman on tour
June 12 – Macewan Hall – Calgary, AB
June 13 – Edmonton Events Centre – Edmonton, AB

Scars and Souvenirs is available in stores.


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