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Articles in the December 2006 Edition
Banff Outing
Letter from the Publisher
Last year, round about this time I was enjoying the warm weather in Mexico with my dad, but this year he had to go on without me. One very important reason...
Calgary Rocks Vancouver
View From A Broad
Vancouver - so good we had to do it again. We are rockin’ the coast with what felt like round two of the main event. Knowing that my new favorite Australian...
Victor Victoria
A Trip to “Gay Paris”
Looking back, the 1982 Academy Award nominated film Victor Victoria was rather groundbreaking with its cross-dressing and gay themes. Starring Julie Andrews...
Crowns For Kids
A Decade of Crowning Smiles
Mz Rhonda is quite proud of her commitment to provide Calgary’s children with toys each year when Christmas rolls around. When she was Empress of the Imperial...
Q Scopes
“Work smarter, Cancer!”
Mars aligns with Jupiter in Sagittarius, raising eagerness for adventure and argument, anything to take us to new experiences and wisdom. Enthusiasm and...
Adult Film Review
Ranger, Black & Blue, Hitch, and Muscle Bear Truck Stop
“Ranger” by Mustang, Courtesy of Priape Damn you Jake Dakota! The moment I see you on a DVD cover I have to rent you. Jake plays the part of a park...
Five Hole
One Yellow Rabbit Raises H-E-Double-Hockey Sticks
Five Hole (n.) 1. The space between a goalie’s legs. 2. A new show that brings Canada’s two favourite pastimes: hockey and sex together at last on one...
Cocaine Anonymous
A Story from Someone that has Been There
I’m the last of 5 kids. I grew up in a very privileged background as my father was a doctor and a politician. I had everything materially one could ask...
Teddy Bear Picnic
The 2nd-ever Picnic & PJ Party
This year marked the second Teddy Bear Picnic & PJ Party in Edmonton, held on November 24th. Originally done as a fundraiser for the Imperial Sovereign...
Q Puzzle
“A Bird in the Hand”
CLUE: a crossword featuring a quip about the difference between erotica and porn. Across 1 Half of the Odd Couple, for example 5 Navratilova’s winter...
Money-Pennies Eatery and Bar
11 Fabulous Years
“You know, I never thought we’d be here,” Lorrie Murphy says when asked just how it feels to be one of Calgary’s longest running gay bars. At first she...
“What Love Means To You People”
NancyKay Shapiro Latest Book
I was giddy when, only an hour after I sent an e-mail to her, NancyKay Shapiro replied saying I could call her at home in the evening and she’d be happy...
Buddy’s Edmonton
For more than six years, Buddy’s bar has been one of the top gay nightspots in Edmonton. Located on Jasper Avenue and easily identified by the rainbow...
Face to Face with Huston
“the fates”…one voice!
Alberta’s harmonic powerhouse singer/songwriter trio, a match made in heaven, lin elder, jenny allen and lori reid were brought together by fate. They...
“Focus on the (Gay and Lesbian) Family”
Part 2 – How Are Children Affected by Having a Gay or Lesbian Pa
Last month I focused on the attributes of being a gay or lesbian parent. Despite our best efforts at parenting, do our children suffer or benefit in significant...
The Nutcracker
Alberta Ballet Brings Christmas Tradition to Life
Christmas is a time of year ripe with tradition. The gathering of family and friends for staff Christmas parties, and having to fight to get a cab. From...
Letters to the Publisher
As current reigning Emperor and Empress, Wolfgang and I would like to sincerely thank everyone in the community that has helped support us so far during...
Press Releases
Calgary’s Queer Film Fest Hires New Festival Director The Fairy Tales Presentation Society is pleased to announce it has found a new Director for its...
PFLAG Calgary
Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays
Parents & Friends of Lesbians And Gays is a national non-profit organization, founded by parents who wished to help themselves and their family members...
Out in Full Force
The First Ever OutFest
In February of 2004 the members of the Gay and Lesbian International Sports Association (GLISA) held a conference that developed the World OutGames, a...
Toys For Tots
Annual Toy Drive in 11th Year
Richard Denny sounded pretty upbeat when I called him on a freezing Saturday morning, far earlier than I like to be up. This is probably a large part of...
Peter Pan
Classic Story Soars into ATP
The holidays are a time when people from every community gather together with family and friends. T’is the season when many of the LGBT community spend...
Having a bad day?
Maybe a bad day is having you.
We all have them. Those days when nothing especially big went wrong, yet there we are – pissed off. “I can’t believe some &^#$ drivers, that &$#% cut...
Yuletide Drama
So its that time of year again… shopping, Christmas parties, carols, and best of all: decorating! Ok, so maybe not everyone gets this excited about decorating...