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Trend Setting Bathrooms

Interior Decoration by Alykhan Velji (From GayCalgary® Magazine, April 2006, page 42)
In the design world at the moment, bathrooms are definitely getting more attention. No matter how small or big, there are great ways to add some drama to your bathroom. These are the top 3 trends that are having a huge impact in the world of bathrooms at the moment:

Spa Retreat

This trend has been created by the onset of amazing spas that have been opening up around the world. They pay much attention to design details but keep their appearance soothing and calm. Who wouldn’t want a trip to the bathroom to feel like you just entered relaxing retreat!

You can achieve this look by the incorporation of gentle colors such as light greens, sky blues, and whites. Accent colors such as oranges can also be infused into the space for hits of color. Think birds of paradise, calla lilies, and orchids for inspiration - they are simple yet elegant. To add warmth to the space, bring in wood tones such as Wenge, Zebra Wood, and Walnut. which can be in a form of a framed mirror, vanities, and flooring. It used to be a huge faux pas to use wood in bathrooms because of humidity but, thanks to modern technology, there are companies that have made their business to create bathroom-perfect wood flooring. When it comes to accessories, think simplicity! White porcelain vessel sinks in organic forms will fit in perfectly with clean lined hardware and faucets. As far as showers, think more wet-room. This is a new take on the stand up shower where basically the whole bathroom is a wet space. This will open the room up creating a larger more airy feeling - perfect for that Zen shower after a healthy, revitalizing yoga session!

Urban Getaway

This is a very modern bathroom look that predominantly uses dark woods. A fantastic look that is becoming über-trendy is the use of floating cabinets. You’ll want to lean toward the no–clutter, look which is reinforced with these cabinets because there are no legs to disrupt the view. Add a twist to this look with the addition of hot, bold colors such as lacquer red, white, and lime green. Think square over mount sinks with funky faucets. Frosted glass also makes a great addition, and can be used either for separation, as counter tops, or for shelving. Mosaic tiles would also look stunning in the space as well; subway tiles in colors such as white, gray or black. Be creative and funky with the use of color! Think of the FAB interior of a club and then infuse these ideas into your bathroom. If you like the clean, contemporary look then the Urban Getaway bathroom is the way you should go.

New Traditional

My favorite look! It’s all about mixing and matching modern pieces with the traditional! This look is a fantastic juxtaposition, and is all about DRAMA! If you have an older home, and by that I mean something that is over 100 years, you will have amazing bones to work with; claw foot tubs, marvelous moldings, and if you are lucky, handsome fixtures and sinks. But if not, you can still achieve this look in your bathroom. We all have seen gorgeous gold gilt Victorian mirrors used in very traditional spaces. Think of lacquering these mirrors in white or black to give it that modern edge. This piece over a super modern vanity and sink will look stunning! The look is best achieved when you use black and white, but highly lacquered pieces are also fantastic. For those of us that are blessed with huge bathrooms that can incorporate a little seating area, why not do a stunning antique Bergere chair upholstered in terry cloth…how divine! Don’t be afraid to mix and match, just remain within the color palette. Another great hint: Lucite furniture/accessories are an amazing addition to this look.

Many people spend a lot of time in the bathroom, getting ready, taking baths, whatever it may be. Thank god that they are getting the attention that they deserve! Whatever your style is, don’t clutter your bathroom with a lot of stuff. Think storage, first and foremost, because no one likes to see a mess. Then, think of the look you want to achieve, and with your new knowledge, explore your options. There are plenty of amazing stores around Calgary that carry one-of-a-kind bathroom lines that are sure to tickle your fancy!.

Happy Decorating!

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