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Theatre Preview by Bubonic Tourist (From GayCalgary® Magazine, April 2006, page 41)
Bubonic Tourist has gone and done the unexpected, unexplained and unconventional again by bringing you four performance, video and installation artists playing with the notion of opera, in hoot hoot hoot: a festival of the operaesque, running from April 20-22 at Motel in the EPCOR CENTRE.

Whether it’s David Bateman’s queer, white deconstruction of Madame Butterfly, internationally renowned Istvan Kantor’s trans media, philosophical adventure Nineveh, local artist Delea Shand’s interpretation of John Cage’s Aria or Don Simmon’s cinematic installation, the works in hoot hoot hoot beg, borrow, steal and often times out and out destroy opera as it is known in high art circles.

godsavesthedragqueen productions (David Bateman) – Lotus Blossom

A PhD in English/Creative Writing, Bateman has presented his text-based performance art across Canada and the United States. Lotus Blossom Special (Metamorphosis and Misidentification in Madame Butterfly) offers an alternative, contemporary interpretation of “Madame Butterfly”, while addressing race, gender, and sexual identity issues via stand-up comedy, country music, and autobiographical storytelling, as well as focusing on Asian-Canadian subjectivity from a queer, white perspective.

Istvan Kantor - Nineveh

Hungarian born Canadian performance and video artist, industrial music and electropop singer, and founder of Neoism, Istvan Kantor is most known for his works involving vandalism and gore, painting large X’s in his own blood on the walls of modern art museums. In doing so, the artist has been banned from many of the worlds art galleries and received the Canadian Governor General’s Award in Visual and Media arts, 2004. His 1997 trans media piece titled Nineveh, features image, text and sound integrated in an exalted and streaming operatic testimony.

Delea Shand - John Cage’s Aria

Classically trained singer, Shand graduated from Calgary’s own U of C with a degree in English, and continued on to study opera and classical music at the Trinity College of Music in London. Shand’s love for classical musicians such as Mozart and Strauss, doesn’t eliminate her desire to explore innovative performance, and expand her repertoire to include contemporary works. John Cage’s Aria has become an obligatory stage for a singer such as Shand, who is interested in contemporary music. The text, pronounced according to the intonation suggested by the curves, contains vowels, consonants, words and phrases in five different languages: Armenian, Russian, English, French and Italian.

Don Simmons

Using audio samples from International/Foreign films, Simmons creates an experience for viewers that manipulates and controls their emotions while experiencing the piece. These false and emotional states situate the viewer inside the movie, making them relate and emphasize with the characters. The experience of the piece is that of a living cinematic moment. The installation features electronic devices that detect movement using infrared sensors, a basic stamp chip, a stereo amplifier, and a speaker. In explaining the motivation behind this short but influential festival, Bubonic Tourist’s Artistic Director, Eric Moschopedis says, “Opera as we know it is so often reserved for our grandparents. I want to know what opera is to the innovative and emerging artists in our culture.”

For more information on hoot hoot hoot or to purchase tickets, please contact Bubonic Tourist at 403.294.7484 or visit their website at


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