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Just Ask Nina!

The Dish who dishes advice

Ask Nina by Nina Tron (From GayCalgary® Magazine, April 2006, page 35)
Dear Nina,

I am at loss of where to turn, I’ve heard your name mentioned by many of my gay friends, the man I’ve been involved with for many years and the father of my child has been dressing in drag on the side. He assures me that it is not anything for me to worry about as it is a form of sexual expression. I’ve been supportive to this point but I do not understand his reasoning for this behavior, it’s about his need to express himself. It’s the pink elephant in our relationship and he refuses to talk openly with me about it, as he feels that it is nothing I should be worried about. I think he would be best served if we were to break up, so he could explore his identity. What do I do?

Confused Girlfriend

Dear Confusion,

How could you not be confused, the man who fathered your child is cross dressing. I have always said if something don’t feel right, chances are my dear you’re right! So if you think there is more to this, then so do I my dear. Now it’s the what-to-do that is up to you! If this is the type of relationship you want: the man, the pink elephant, the baby and you, then you’ll probably have to find a bigger place to live. Or you can move on and get yourself together. You can still be supportive as he is the father of your baby, but if it ain’t what you want then don’t wait! I urge you to also think of the child, because if you’re confused by this situation as an adult, imagine how confused your child is!!!

Best Wishes,


I am here for you, and I look forward to hearing from you all, I can be reached at: or Mailed to Ask Nina c/o Magazine, Suite 100, 215 14th Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta T2R 0M2. You can also watch Nina every Sunday night and events through out the week at Twisted Element, 1006 11th Avenue SW.

Other than the question, all personal information (i.e. name, address, E-mail) will remain confidential. does reserve the right to alter questions for brevity and content. Responses are for entertainment value only.


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