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Adult Film Review

Adult Film Review - Male by Jerome Voltero (From GayCalgary® Magazine, April 2006, page 26)
Adult Film Review
Adult Film Review
“Dawson’s 50 Load Weekend – Part 1” by Treasure Island Media

This movie seeks to solve the age old question, “How much cum can one man take?” Apparently the prequel, “Dawson’s 20 Load Weekend” wasn’t enough to satisfy him, so he’s gone on to push the limits of decency even further.

Now just a warning, as you probably guessed from the premise of this film, there is A LOT of unprotected sex. At many points I couldn’t help but pray that all of the potential “sperm donors” were properly screened, or else it could be disastrous for everyone! But once you get past the initial shock (you’d better feel at least slightly alarmed), then the film is pretty hot.

In this case, it’s all about the quantity of guys. I found it almost humorous how they kept a scoreboard of how many loads Dawson had taken. The tops were likely instructed to get off and go, rather than holding out as long as possible as with most pornos. This resulted in the majority of scenes ranging from 2 to 5 minutes, with the occasional 10-20 minute romp.

They didn’t bother to hide the line up of guys in the background, waiting their turn. I guess I can’t blame them – Dawson is quite the looker. Some of the tops were muscle bears, some were young and thin, and some were…well, just plain gross. At one point they had multiple guys going at the same time with Dawson as the catcher. He wouldn’t swallow it but rather spit it out into a bowl to save it for the turkey baster at the end – how kinky. I’m not such a connoisseur of the stuff so this was a little much for me but, if you have an affinity for cum then this film will be downright electrifying.

Part 1 only has the first 25 loads - the rest happen in part 2 of this fascinating documentary. Dawson will definitely be worthy of an entry in the Gayness Book of Worn Rectums (har har).

“Bareback Mountain” by Lycan Films

You just know somebody had to think of this title – it was way too obvious. Even though it was apparent from the two twinky-boys on the cover that this wasn’t going to be my kind of porno, I rolled my eyes and thought what the heck. I quickly realized just because they’re riding on the fame of Brokeback doesn’t mean this porno is anything special. But then again I’m a fur queen, so this movie fits me like a glove does my foot.

The critics complained about the guys in Brokeback not really being “cowboys” but rather shepherds. Watching five minutes of Bareback Mountain would instantly divert their petty complaints about realism. Truly, the only thing that makes this a cowboy movie are the hats and the cheesy matador-esque music that repeats enough times to have you humming along. The boys are so young and unblemished, one wonders if they’ve ever seen the light of day (tanning beds don’t count). Certainly, why would they bother leaving the safety of their uncharacteristically lavish home when they can just play pool and grease each other’s poles all day? These are just some rich young brats who raided a drag-king’s wardrobe.

Thank god I live in Calgary with some REAL cowboys, because if the cast of Bareback Mountain was my only selection, I would die of boredom. All you twink-lovers can feel free to loudly disagree with me.

Dawson’s 50-Load Weekend
Treasure Island Media

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