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A Krazay Music Review

Music Review by DJ Krazay Steve (From GayCalgary® Magazine, December 2003, page 10)

Seasons Greetings. Who is Krazay? What is music? I’m sure these two questions will always be in the back of your mind. I have been a DJ for 20 years. My job helped me to meet new people: make them smile for some reason, help others forget about their problems, and help some to advertise what they got so they can get laid! It is sure a privilege to have a chance to write a column once a month for GayCalgary Magazine. I will try to do the best possible job of being fair of everything that might come out in the music industry.

Today’s music sure has taken a URBAN swing. I find a great funky beats with other song samples, song samples with fast funky beats, have been moving people on the dance floor. Anywhere from Justin Timberlake to Ludicris, Christina to Cher, Smashmouth to Hot Red Chili Peppers, or just music that takes you to that edge like Quicksilver to Fragma and beyond.

As a DJ, I’ll comment on tracks that have been just or are soon-to-be released. That’s right. An edge. Getting to know music always gets my heart going. Let’s dive in!

***** Outkast - Hey Ya Has a funky rock groove that is just swarming my dance floor. It reminds me a bit of Rockafella Shank laid back. Has a nice guitar strum with nice vocals. Maybe it’s a new style. It throws you off on and off beat as they add two beats to the regular 8 bar scenario.

*** Britney Spears - Outrageous What happened here? Did someone get to know Madonna a little too well? Seems like Britney Diva has a little hot stuff in her. Is she getting older? I’m sure this track will make you wonder what could possibly be next.

**** Mis-Teeq - Scandalous If you like En Vogue you’re going to like this track. A sort of new/old sounding 80’s track with today feel to it. The vocals are killer!

**** Cyndi Lauper - At Last Very nice to hear Cyndi come back in such a mature way. There are a couple of new songs on this album, but most of the tunes are remixes from other artists. Cyndi puts the original artists to shame with her powerhouse vocals. A must get!

DJ Krazay Steve’s rating system


** nice

*** stimulating

**** pleaser

***** run and get it!

Well that’s it for this month. If you wish to ask me to review a certain track, then send me an E-mail. I will try to give comments when due!

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