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Sex show reactions

Letter from the Publisher

Queer Quest by Steve Polyak (From GayCalgary® Magazine, December 2003, page 4)

In November, was at the "Everything to do About Sex Show" to showcase the debut of this magazine. This was the first time hosted a booth at a mostly straight event, so it was an interesting twist being on the other side of the table. During the four days the show ran, we played several drag shows were recorded over the last five weeks at Detour and gave out copies of the magazine and post cards.

With mostly straight people in attendance, it was interesting to see how people reacted. Many people would stop and watch the video clips that were playing. They would be surprised on how attractive the performers were, but were shocked to know that these guys were some of the best looking girls they’d ever seen. Women at the show seemed a lot more willing to pick up the magazine than the guys. That all changed when Selma Body came out for a couple hours to help. Guys were checking her out and were willing to pick up the magazine from her. Interesting.

Many lesbians and some gay men did visit the booth and were happy to see that something new was out.

I only had a couple really bad negative comments. A particularly judgemental person said I was going to hell. But then I wondered, why is he at a sex show then in the first place? The other one was a 20 year-old that I offered the magazine to. When he saw the cover of the magazine, he yelled out so everyone heard, "Gay? I am not gay! I like women!" I took the magazine back and he continued walking. The women in the booth beside me just burst out laughing. He seemed to protest too much.

After the show, I asked myself, should there be a larger gay presence the next time? I think that there should be. I know I will be there. I hope we can create a mega booth, containing information for all the non-profit groups plus get the bars and gay businesses to help out too. Comments? Suggestions? We have a year to plan something. Lets try to bring the community together and use this venue to educate and show what we have to offer.(GC)

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