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INTERVIEW – Equal Marriage, Gay Rights and Gay Pride

Responses from UCP leader Jason Kenney from back in June 2004 when he was running for the Federal Conservatives

Political by Steve Polyak (From April 2019 Online)
From GayCalgary Magazine June 2004, Issue 8
From GayCalgary Magazine June 2004, Issue 8
From GayCalgary Magazine June 2004, Issue 8
From GayCalgary Magazine June 2004, Issue 8
From GayCalgary Magazine June 2004, Issue 8
From GayCalgary Magazine June 2004, Issue 8

With the upcoming 2019 provincial election, we wanted to showcase past interviews that we have done with Jason Kenney (when he was running in the 2004 federal election for the Conservatives), Stephan Mandel (when he was mayor of Edmonton), and David Khan (when he was looking to become the leader of the Alberta Liberals).  We had not interviewed Rachel Notley yet, but have GayCalgary has interviewed three NDP MLA’s which speaks to what the Alberta NDP Party is about.

In June 2004, GayCalgary did interviews with candidates running for the Federal election in the Calgary area. With the amount of people that responded to our three questions, we had missed that we had interviewed Jason Kenney, who is now the leader of the United Conservative Party (UCP).  You can read the whole article Federal Election Candidates in Calgary: Question and Answer (June 2004, Issue 8) at

The following is the excerpt of what questions had been asked of Jason Kenney and how he responded to them.

"With elections happening just around the corner, we feel that the Calgary gay community in needs to know where each one of the candidates in their riding stands in regards to some issues that concern us as gay citizens. Magazine decided to ask each candidate 3 simple questions - we could have asked more, but knowing how busy their schedules can be, we felt we should just stick to the main issues. All answers you see are the unedited responses that we received from the candidates. Those that did not respond to the questions are also listed. We hope this will help your decision of who to vote for in the upcoming federal elections.

The following questions were asked

Question 1: Do you support or favour the idea of equal marriage, which would allow gay and lesbian couples to be legally married in Canada?

Question 2: Do you support or favour the addition of gay and lesbian protection under the Federal Criminal Code dealing with genocide and incitement to hatred, in light of the recent passing of Bill C-250?

Question 3: If elected, would you support or participate in Gay Pride week in Calgary?

Conservative Party: Jason Kenney

1) I am in favour of retaining the traditional common law definition of marriage as re-affirmed by the House of Commons in 1999 as a union between a man and a woman. I believe that marriage is by its nature a relationship predicated on the complementarity of the sexes, as it has been understood in virtually every civilization throughout recorded history. I therefore do not believe that continued legal recognition of the uniquely heterosexual nature of marriage constitutes unjust discrimination.

2) Bill C-250 did not specifically add "gay and lesbian protection" to sections 319 and 320 of the Criminal Code, but rather added "sexual orientation" (without definition) to the enumerated grounds in these sections. I voted against Bill C-250 on the grounds that it could unreasonably jeopardize fundamental freedoms of expression and religion. I did not come to this position automatically, as I strongly oppose incitement to hatred on any grounds, including hatred or violent expression directed at people because of their sexual identity. I believe that such incitement can more effectively be dealt with through social censure rather than criminal sanctions that could impair the expression of legitimate moral or religious convictions in the public square.

3) No, I would not participate on the liberal grounds that sexuality should be a private matter free of state sanction, and therefore should not be politicized."

The one on one interviews with Stephen Mandel and David Khan are more in depth. You can check them out below.

Stephen Mandel – Leader of the Alberta Party

INTERVIEW - Stephen Mandel: Pride Q&A with Edmonton’s Mayor

June 2008, Issue 56

David Khan – Leader of the Alberta Liberal Party

INTERVIEW - In our Community: David Khan, Alberta Liberal party leadership candidate

March 2017, Issue 158

These are the links to the interviews of the NDP openly gay MLA’s that were elected in the last election.

INTERVIEW - Ricardo Miranda: MLA for Calgary-Cross on winning an important seat at the political table

October 2015, Issue 143

INTERVIEW - Estefania Cortes-Vargas: An interest in Advocacy Leads to the Legislature

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Rachel Notley has been a strong advocate for LGBTQ+ rights in Alberta. Both the Alberta NDP and the Alberta Liberals fought hard for the LGBTQ+ community when the Conservatives were last in power.

NDPs and Liberals Seek End to Discrimination: Conservatives say "No"

June 2008, Issue 56

For the upcoming provincial election, be informed, know the facts and vote! Every vote counts.

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