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Articles in the April 2015 Edition
Two-Spirit are Not Gay?
Part Two
The first article in this series started off by saying, "Well, this hasn’t gone so smoothly," and the trip down the rabbit-hole continues. You...
Calgary Expo Turns 10!
Western Canada’s Largest Pop Culture Convention Marks A Decade
On May 7th, 2006 the first Calgary Comic Expo took place. Over the next few years it slowly grew, drawing comic creators and artists as well as celebrities...
SHARP Foundation Fundrasier
Eat out for a great cause
Is there anything better than eating delicious food guilt free because it’s for a good cause? It’s that time of year again where you can eat the best...
Good Vibrations
Artists’ Collective Theatre takes on sexual frustration in the Victorian Era
Back in the day, vibrators were considered a medical ‘cure-all’ for female hysteria, believed to be brought on by the retention of female semen trapped...
Velvet Cinema
More than just a movie night
The idea began on a warm summer’s day with two friends eating tacos and talking about inspiring to create bigger and better things for the gay community...
Another Move Forward
Gay-Straight Alliances To Be Allowed After All
So the Progressive Conservatives, under Jim Prentice, finally saw the light when it came to Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs) in schools? This whole controversy...
Discussing Community Safety
Keep your home safe while enjoying summer break
Hello again everyone. I hope that you are well and looking forward to spring and summer, and all the events that come with that. I know that I am, although...
Claudio Aprile
MasterChef Canada’s judge on the sense and sensibilities that mean most in the kitchen
Claudio Aprile was only 5 when he took interest in cooking, and 14 when he started to make it a vocation. The Uruguay-born and Canada-raised MasterChef...
Parenting Proud
Archetypes at the Community Playground
This year, as winter’s chilly days fade into spring’s promise of warmth and renewal, we’re spending a lot more time playing outside. Given the opportunity...
Open The Cabinet
Explore the Kurios new Cirque du Soleil show
Those driving down Macleod Trail will have noticed that the trademark yellow and blue tent has arrived on the Stampede Grounds. Until May 24th, Calgarians...
Mimi Imfurst
On coming out, Drag Race, and spinning at Western Cup
Twelve-time GLAMMY Award nominee and reality star from RuPaul’s Drag Race, Mimi Imfurst will be hosting the Western Cup Dance. GayCalgary Magazine chatted...
Deep Inside Hollywood
Dancing with the Sam, Peter Dinklage, Thomas Roberts, Movie Update
Dancing with the Sam You have to hand it to Michael Sam – he does not quit. The first openly gay NFL prospect will try, try again on March 22, when he...
Hooked On Olly Murs
Pop star talks handsy fans, gay-baiting and sharing a sweater with Sam Smith
A veteran of nakedness, Olly Murs was fueling our straight-boy fantasies long before Nick Jonas. Stripping at London’s prestigious G-A-Y club, frequent...
New sound, same spunk
Die Mannequin back on tour opening for Manson
A lot can change in five years and, for Die Mannequin lead singer Caroline "Care Failure" Kawa, it has. Five years has passed since Toronto’s...
The Evolution of Jer’s Vision
Talking about anti-bullying objectives
"I’m Lukayo Estrello, senior manager for the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity (CCGSD)," the new title for Jer’s Vision, the nationally...
The Unbreakable Mo’Nique
Oscar winner talks Lee Daniels drama, LGBT integration and an end to coming out
Mo’Nique isn’t one to hold back. Take her ongoing clash with Lee Daniels, who directed her Oscar-winning performance in 2009’s Precious. Daniels said the...
Send In The Hobbits
Graham McTavish coming to the Calgary Expo
It is hard to believe that the trilogy of Hobbit movies has come to an end. For three Christmases in a row fans flocked to theatres to see Peter Jackson’s...
Ladies’ Man
Andrew Rannells on ‘dangerous’ road to Girls, his hope for TV true love – and a Book of Mormon revival?!
Andrew Rannells won’t soon be living down the handjob he gave to a boy in a bathroom. Thanks to Lena Dunham and the other writers turning out sharp social...
Zaac Pick
Canadian Artist Celebrates 2015 Album Release and Tour
Alberta-born Zaac Pick has been a rising star in the Canadian music scene since 2009. This spring he made the leap from an EP to full-length album with...
Out of Town
Kauai Adventures
Nobody on Kauai will give you a hard time for simply lazing on one of the island’s gorgeous beaches every waking hour of your vacation. Still, you may...
Mo Town - an Interview with Mary Wilson of the Supremes and Martha Reeves
Icons talk inclusive musical era, gay followings and, of course, a Supremes reunion
"I’m wondering, well, why wasn’t Martha Reeves mentioned?" says Martha Reeves. Holding up the marquee from the Motown 25 box set, a baffled...
INTERVIEW - Calgary Expo Gets A New Zipcode
Luke Perry joins Jason Priestley and Ian Ziering for a 90210 reunion
If you grew up in the 1990s you likely watched Beverly Hills, 90210. From 1990 to 2000 we gathered around TV sets to see the life of Brandon and Brenda...
Philip Sayce
Canadian Guitarist Shares his Influence
On March 19th music fans and members of the Calgary music industry packed the Ironwood in Inglewood for an early show from Philip Sayce. The Welsh born...
Kristy Swanson
Slaying The Calgary Expo
Vampires beware! The original Buffy The Vampire Slayer Kristy Swanson, who starred in the 1992 film, is bringing her stakes to the Calgary Comic &...
Might-y Tight-y
Leaner Meaner Workout Gear
Inspired by the tight fitting, high performing uniforms worn by hotties like footballer Tim Tebow, many athletic wear designers are leaning things up this...
Our Lives Would Suck Without Her
Kelly Clarkson talks new equality-inspired anthem, gay bars and her ‘Kezbo’ following
Before catapulting to pop stardom, Kelly Clarkson was one of us. In many ways, she still is. The original American Idol, who memorably erupted into waterworks...
Queer Eye
HOMOCIDAL at Evolution, Edmonton photos by Kurtis Allan Stiletto Awards at Evolution, Edmonton photos by Kurtis Allan ISCWR 90s Show at Evolution...
A Couple of Guys
A Woman's Touch
A Couple of Guys
Very Personal Trainer
A Couple of Guys
Action Figuring
A Couple of Guys
Not So Uplifting
News Releases
Ongoing & Pervasive Discrimination by Law Enforcement in the LGBT Community in the USA A new report released today by the Williams Institute at UCLA...
Mr. GayCalgary April 2015
Blake Spence
Blake Spence has been livening up the party scene in Calgary with Hot Mess since 2010, following a return to his native city after three years attending...
GayCalgary Magazine is the go-to source for information about Alberta LGBT businesses and community groups—the most extensive and accurate resource of...
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Online Articles this Month
Creep of the Week
Mat Staver
Like many a homo, I am anxiously awaiting the Supreme Court's ruling on whether or not my marriage is allowed by law or a Satan-spawn union of evil. Obviously...
The Frivolist
10 Gay Ways to Take Advantage of April Showers
Winter is but a memory, yet we’re not quite into that sweet spot of spring. First we have to brave all those April showers that bring May flowers. To pass...
Editorial Cartoon
Scenes from a Mall
Creep of the Week
Mike Pence
It's a shame about what's been happening to the Christians in Indiana ever since the godless homosexuals took over the state. On Oct. 7, 2014 the gays...
Editorial Cartoon
Everything New Is Old Again
Creep of the Week
Pat Robertson
Extra, extra! Read all about it: Pat Robertson will come to your Big Gay Wedding! There's one condition: you're gonna have to show him a baby conceived...
Deep Inside Hollywood
Grace Jones, Diane Sawyer talking to Bruce Jenner, Almodovar's Silencio
Grace Jones – The Musical Of My Life comes to the BBC Gay icon Grace Jones has spent decades doing exactly as she pleases, always with a somewhat menacing...
The Frivolist
8 Free Ways to Bond With Mom This Mother’s Day
True, moms don’t mind jewelry or other trinkets on Mother’s Day – but that’s what husbands are for. All mom wants from you, her little angel, is the gift...
Hear Me Out
Sufjan Stevens, Reba McEntire, Estelle, Kendrick Lamar
Sufjan Stevens, Carrie & Lowell Grief guides Sufjan Stevens’ muse on Carrie & Lowell. It’s a remarkably wrenching release from the indie darling...
Creep of the Week
Ted Cruz
Before I begin this week's column I'd like to first offer an apology. You see, I have a bad habit of referring to anti-gay politicians and talking heads...
The OutField
Hoosier Hullabaloo
The words "NCAA" and "moral high ground" seldom share the same sentence. Yet that lofty peak is exactly where college sport’s most...
Editorial Cartoon
Keeping It In Perspective
VIDEO - Dancing For a Young Transgender Actress Bella's Civil Rights Victory
Taken at the Calgary Expo 2015
From the Calgary Expo 2015, celebrities, cosplayer’s and more danced for the civil rights victory for a nine year old transgender girl in Winnipeg, Manitoba...