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Articles in the July 2014 Edition
Stampede 2014
Meatier than ever
Stampede is the one time of year that can either ignite a little flame of civic pride or convince a long-time Calgarian that perhaps one would be better...
Amazing Race Canada
Three LGBT Teams to Watch this Summer
On July 8th, 7pm MST, the second season of Amazing Race Canada premiered on CTV. The season’s filming wrapped at the end of May and GayCalgary was happily...
A Wicked Return
Broadway smash remains popular
Since it hit Broadway in 2003 Wicked has captivated audiences in New York and around the world. So in demand is the show that just three years after playing...
The Big Kitty Crew
Art collective illustrates the sky’s the limit when girls unite
Boring is a term that can never be applied to the Kitties. The Big Kitty collective has been making waves of positive change in the LGBT community since...
The Book of Tyler Glenn
Neon Trees frontman talks reconciling gay Mormonism, atheist bashing and bear lust
Neon Trees frontman Tyler Glenn is still figuring out what it means to be a gay Mormon. Not just how both modifiers can exist simultaneously, but if it’s...
Parenting Proud
A Father’s Letter to His Son
Dear A, A year ago you came into our lives like a one-year-old little ball of fire, which seems appropriate since Aiden means ‘fiery little one’ in Gaelic...
Politician Supports Anti-Gay Preacher
Ric ‘Dr. No’ McIver should never have said yes to this
You would think that someone who has spent as many years in public service and politics as Ric McIver, aka ‘Dr.No’ when he was on city council, would have...
Discussing Community Safety
A Visit to Toronto
Hello again everyone, and a happy summer to you all!  Hopefully this recent warm spell is a sign of things to come. This month I have decided not...
Queer Eye - Edmonton Pride Parade, Street Festival and Dance 2014
Check out our photo gallery for complete coverage.
Full Disclosure
Dance duo talks gay influences, Sam Smith’s ‘classy’ coming out and the history of club music
English dance prodigy Disclosure isn’t simply aware that club music is steeped in queer culture – they’re inspired by it. The Grammy-nominated duo, Howard...
Deep Inside Hollywood
The Magic Mike sequel will aim to please
If you saw Steven Soderbergh’s Magic Mike you know that it was, at its core, a serious-minded film, a little bit about half-naked expression and a lot...
Queer Eye - CRIR 2014 presented by ARGRA, Strathmore AB
Check out our photo gallery for complete coverage.
Austin Armacost
Trading Antics for Activism
When The A-List: New York premiered in 2010 it earned nearly as much condemnation as praise – often from the very same sources. It seemed like most reality...
Out of Town
Québec City
With its fairytale setting high on a cliff-top overlooking the St. Lawrence River, Québec City ranks among the most romantic and historic destinations...
Beach Bums
10 Sexy Swimsuits Sure to Show Off Your Best Assets
Summer is officially here, which means that it’s time to slip into something a little lighter. So you can spend more time soakin’ up the sun instead of...
Hot in Here
9 Ways to Make the Most of Steamy Summer Nights
When the mercury rises, so should your creativity. Consider these 9 ways to beat the heat – and add a little sexy time to your life while you’re at it. 1...
The True Colors of Kathy Bates
Hollywood luminary talks lesbians, drag and Uma Thurman
Long before dishing lesbian wisdom to Melissa McCarthy’s mess of a character in this summer’s road-trip comedy Tammy, Kathy Bates had the gay community...
Best Buds from Big Brother
An interview with Kenny Brain and Andrew Gordon
Reuniting for one night, at Evolution Wonderlounge during Pride Week in Edmonton, best friends and Big Brother Canada season two contestants Kenny Brain...
Timeless Tori Amos
Songstress talks gay fan affinity, the Disney song she inspired and still rocking at 50
"Lighting, sweetie, lighting!" is Tori Amos’ theatrical retort to my compliment about how she’s still looking as radiant as she did at the launch...
Toe Tag Riot
Comic book series gives Westboro a taste if its own medicine
Now this is a comic book I can get behind. It has punk rock, zombies, villains and lesbians – oh, and did I mention the authors behind Toe Tag Riot managed...
Undress Me
Fringe Show on the Life of Bi Julian – Narcissist, Sex Addict, and Alcoholic
Endurance is the foremost skill that actor and script-writer Kevin Gabel is gleaning from the role he created for himself in the one-man show Undress Me...
Welcome to Night Vale
All you need is love to destroy your enemies
About a month ago my friend sent me a single text message: "Night Vale is coming to Edmonton". I lost it. I camped out in front of the computer...
Vivica A. Fox
Still kicking ass
Vivica A. Fox has had a long and successful career. From early appearances on shows like The Fresh Prince of Bel Aire and Who’s The Boss to films such...
Echa Pa’lante!
Yara Sofia talks about Gay Pride, bitches and seeing RuPaul naked!
Since appearing on both the third seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race and the first edition of RuPaul’s Drag Race  –  All Stars, Yara Sofia has proven...
Lesbian Sex Positions
More than just lesbian sex
It’s like the bible of sex for lesbians - with pictures!  But this new book of positions for women who love women reads far more than just getting...
Queer Eye
Third Street Theatre, Stars of the Stage and Screen, Calgary photos by Tet Theresa M ISCWR Country Hoedown at Evolution, Edmonton photos by  J&B...
A Couple of Guys
News Releases
Angelina Jolie Inspiration To Drag Queens MOVIE REVIEW: Mariachi Gringo NSFW - Andy...
Mr. GayCalgary July 2014
Steven StJean
Steven StJean has been living in Calgary for the past 11 years, after moving here from Northern Ontario.  He completed a degree in broadcasting at...
LGBT Community Directory
GayCalgary Magazine is the go-to source for information about Alberta LGBT businesses and community groups—the most extensive and accurate resource of...
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Online Articles this Month
Creep of the Week
Kevin D. Williamson
Whooo-oooo-whooo-oooo! It’s the gender police! Chief Inspector Kevin D. Williamson has put a warrant out for Laverne Cox because she isn’t taking the Cox...
Hear Me Out
Miranda Lambert, Coldplay, Robyn and Röyksopp, Sharon Van Etten
Miranda Lambert, Platinum While Miranda Lambert’s restless peers stray from the purity of the country genre to achieve mainstream acclaim, the Nashville...
Creep of the Week
Bob McDermott
If there’s one thing middle school students don’t need it’s sex education. Because sex is icky and makes some people uncomfortable. It also makes some...
The OutField
If you can play...
"If you can dribble, you can dribble." "If you can dive, you can dive." "If you can coach, you can coach." On paper, the...
Deep Inside Hollywood
Maria Bello will battle the Demonic and probably win
Maria Bello’s "coming out," if you can even call the piece she wrote about her family in the New York Times a coming out story, was so low key...
Creep of the Week
Scott Esk
When I was a little kid I really wanted a rock tumbler. I remember looking through the JC Penney catalog and telling my mom that I hoped Santa would bring...
Hear Me Out
Lana Del Rey, Sam Smith, Jennifer Lopez, Birdy
Lana Del Rey, Ultraviolence The feigned public image adapted by Lizzie Grant (better known as Lana Del Rey) extends to the singer’s latest album, Ultraviolence...
The OutField
A passel of Pride
Gay Pride Month is June, but the party doesn’t end there. So let’s hoist the rainbow flag, drink a toast (with the alcohol of a gay-friendly sponsor) and...
Creep of the Week
National Organization for Marriage
My wife’s birthday was June 19, and on that same day a handful of people assembled in front of the Capitol in Washington D.C. to celebrate. Coincidence?...
Editorial Cartoon
Rick Perry
Editorial Cartoon
Schweitzr App
Editorial Cartoon
The Cat Came Back
Editorial Cartoon
GOProud Vanishes
Product Review
Koyzu Umbrella
See the video below for GayCalgary's review of this product: {{video:gs(85889)}} Product Review: Koyzu Umbrella Features include: UmbiSling™ Hands...
Product Review
Jabra Solemate
Watch the video below for GayCalgary's review of this product: {{video:gs(85887)}} Product Review: Jabra Solemate SoleMate™ - Features and Specs: 3...