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LGBTQ youth in juvenile correctional facilities at high risk for suicide and self-harm
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Articles in the June 2014 Edition
Chris Stedman
A Humanist Chaplain on Connecting Believers & Atheists
Chris Stedman is an American writer, interfaith activist, and author of the memoir Faitheist. He serves as the assistant humanist chaplain at Harvard University...
Edmonton Pride
Like wine, the festival gets better with age
Despite turning 34 this year there are still many firsts for the Edmonton Pride Festival, which is larger and more recognized than ever. A lot has changed...
Stars of the Stage and Screen
Third Street Theatre to raise funds Oscar Party style
For its inaugural fundraising gala night, Calgary’s Third Street Theatre is literally pulling out the red carpets and promising attendees a night of opulence...
ConnecTeen at the Expo
A Call 4 Help
ConnecTeen is a program offered by the Distress Centre Calgary, functioning as a confidential peer support service for youth in Calgary and area. The Calgary...
Summer of Queer Fun
Womonspace Campout and Carol Cattell Golf Tournament this July
Womonspace has been a prominent feature of the LGBT community in Edmonton since its inception in 1981. What began as a support group has expanded into...
Alberta’s Progressive Surrogacy Laws
Lawyer Ellen Embury praises the system and its end results
All around the world, LGBT couples are beset with struggles when it comes to welcoming children into their families. Adoption and surrogacy processes range...
Parenting Proud
Asking for Help
Since becoming new fathers last summer our lives have been turned upside down in too many ways to count here. Mostly it has been a really fun ride. All...
Michael Sam
Pioneering in American Football
It finally happened: we now have an openly gay athlete playing for one of the major team sports (those being hockey, football, and basketball). We have...
Discussing Community Safety
Tips on Keeping your Home and Person Safe this Summer
Hello again everyone – and it’s a welcome return to the warmer weather. Hopefully we have seen the last of the snow and we can look forward to lots of...
It’s Rodeo Time!
Alberta Rockies Gay Rodeo Association is set to wrangle an impressive show
From its humble beginnings in 1991, the Alberta Rockies Gay Rodeo Association (ARGRA) has grown to host one of the defining events of southern Alberta...
Getting Blunt with Whoopi Goldberg
Entertainer shrugs off gay rumors, talks being ‘claimed’ by the LGBT community
Never one to give a flying you-know-what, Whoopi Goldberg has made a career out of not caring. Ask her about her sexuality – to some, a lingering enigma...
Deep Inside Hollywood
Queen Latifah will bend it like Bessie
So she’s never returned to the glorious swagger of her stone-butch, bank-robbin’ Set It Off days. And she’s being very old-school Jodie about talking/not-talking...
Lethbridge Pride Fest Turns Six
Growing celebration moves to July
As the Lethbridge Pride Fest grows up, it’s also growing in numbers, from just a table party to what it has become today. For the first time ever the...
Modern Fiction
Hans M. Hirschi’s stories are a mirror on today’s LGBT community, the first generation able to legally marry and have children.  Each tale in his...
Dan Parent & Archie Comics
Reflecting on Kevin Keller
At this year’s Calgary Expo I had a chance to catch up with American comic book writer and artist Dan Parent. You may remember him as the man who gave...
Swimming in Poems
Author Dale Kwong Intertwines Self-Exploration with Nature’s Curse
As the end of the Creative Non-Fiction Collective Society (CNFCS)’s annual conference crept closer to its end the evening got more interesting. The event...
Fiddler on The Roof
Steeped in Tradition
The final two shows of the 2013/2014 Stage West season is a contrast of modern and traditional. The season will wrap up with Avenue Q opening June 26th...
Out of Town
Weekend in Philadelphia
Spring is a wonderful time to visit vibrant Philadelphia (, home to some of the most important and fascinating art museums and historic...
The Wheel Pro’s
Cruise Slick this Summer
Like spring wardrobe rotation, as summer heats up and we stash back into distant drawers the heavy garb of winter, the tires on your car are also begging...
Throwin’ Shade
10 Super-Hot Sunglasses for Stylin’ and Profilin’ This Summer
After a brutal winter that left most of us begging for mercy, it’s finally time to enjoy some fun in the sun. To help you step out in take-that-snow-and-shove-it...
Liz Vassey Pops her Con Cherry in Calgary
Actress on new favourite vocation, keeping lean, and chasing Kristin Bauer
She’s candid, approachable and humble. One might nary guess her lengthy career in Hollywood by the amicable voice that flows from the mouth of ex-soap...
Jim Byrnes
Bluesman, Actor, Legend
When Jim Byrnes shook my hand, I couldn’t help but think of the extraordinary amount of time, practice, and talent that has been channeled through it over...
Megan Hilty
Broadway Legend coming to Edmonton
Landing the understudy role of Glinda in the Broadway hit Wicked right out of college, fame seemed to always be in the cards for actress Megan Hilty. Not...
Cheers to Summer
10 Must-Have Drink Recipes to Sip in the Sun
1. Cherry POM While Southern Comfort-loving frat boys are slinging back Soco and Limes like their paddles depend on it – because heterosexuality is only...
Free Lily Allen
‘Sheezus’ talks ‘fag hag’ epiphany, doing Beyoncé drag and haters
Rebellious and fearless, Lily Allen has slayed some egos in her time. But with Allen’s recently released third album, Sheezus, the tabloid target is experiencing...
Sarah McLachlan Shines On
Musician on making out with women, the public’s curiosity about her sexuality and the time she inspired a transgender kid
If you’re still wondering whether the soundtrack to all your heartache, Sarah McLachlan, swings both ways because she plays the guitar and she’s earthy...
Gee Golly, It’s Dolly Parton
Legend talks boobs, drag and Christianity
When Dolly Parton calls you, greeting you by name with her unmistakable Tennessee twang, it’s a good idea to immediately establish that the lady on the...
Jonny McGovern is Sooooo Gay
In The Gayest Video Special of All Time
"Fans were always asking to know what happens on the set of a Jonny McGovern video," says Skot Video, the Emmy nominated director of Jonny’s...
Porn star on getting his six pack, breaking into the industry, and being more brazen live
Pride season is roaring toward us once again, and one of its signature Alberta events is Edmonton’s PURE Pride dance. Anybody lucky enough to attend will...
Queer Eye
In the Know Fundraiser, Calgary ISCWR at Queer Prom, Edmonton photos by J & B ISCWR College Show at Evolution, Edmonton photos...
A Couple of Guys
News Releases
BADRICK’S LOCK STOCK AND BARREL BAR - All-in-One Soap is Infused With Natural Oils Director Malcolm Ingram Tackles...
Mr. GayCalgary June 2014 - Shane Madden
Shane Madden has competed in ARGRA’s Canadian Rockies International Rodeo for about 12 years, and has participated in other rodeos throughout the United...
LGBT Community Directory
GayCalgary Magazine is the go-to source for information about Alberta LGBT businesses and community groups—the most extensive and accurate resource of...
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Online Articles this Month
Editorial Cartoon
Creep of the Week
Robert R. Reilly
When the author of the book "Making Gay Okay: How Rationalizing Homosexual Behavior Is Changing Everything" writes in his introduction, "It...
Hear Me Out
Lykke Li, Lily Allen, Natalie Merchant, Disclosure
Lykke Li, I Never Learn Because it’s Lykke Li, heartache is the obvious impetus for I Never Learn, a ceaseless outpouring of dire, pillow-soaked woe...
Editorial Cartoon
The Kiss
Creep Of The Week
Tom Cotton
Okay, let’s get one thing straight here. If you are an everyday American citizen (a commoner, let’s say), you have very little legal power in the United...
Deep Inside Hollywood
Physician, heal thy closeted self
A new doctor show is coming to television. Yes, yes, we know, there’s always a new doctor show coming to television. But The Night Shift, premiering May...
Creep of the Week
Dr. Robi Ludwig
Another day, another terrible thing happening in this world and another person trying to pin it on the gays. Piece of shit garbage person Elliot Rodger...
Editorial Cartoon
Putin and Snowden
Creep of the Week
Charles Van Zant
It used to be if you wanted to make a right-wing conservative freak out all you had to do was show them a photo of two dudes kissing. Granted, that still...
Hear Me Out
Mariah Carey, Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse
With the glorious powerhouse "Vanishing," off her star-making 1990 debut, Mariah Carey couldn’t have known she’d be foreshadowing another release...
Editorial Cartoon
The Trial
Michael Bublé's Calgary Date Night Fun and Sexy
“A concert is like a date. I get to know you, you get to know me, and if things go well at the end of the night we will be having dirty sex in the back...
Cher & Cyndi Lauper Bring Timeless Spectacle to Saddledome
Just shy of a decade ago Cher said goodbye to Calgary (her second go round on her Living Proof Farewell tour.) Now 68 the ageless icon returned to Calgary...
Killer Queen
Queen & Adam Lambert Champion Showmen
June 26th was a tough night to be a classic rock fan. While Heart was rocking out at the Jubilee Auditorium with a show that included a set of Led Zepplin...
Into the Woods
Musical for the Cheeriest of Adults
It was not a musical for the bitter at heart, or for those who can barely sit through a Disney film. This past month, Cappuccino Musical Theatre presented...