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LGBT people nine times more likely than non-LGBT people to be victims of violent hate crimes
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Articles in the May 2014 Edition
Sex, Parasites, and Idealized Economics
The Science of Science Fiction
In what ought to be a tradition (if it isn’t considered one already), this year’s Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo hosted numerous science and social...
VIDEO INTERVIEW - Aliens, Tornadoes and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
An interview with Bill Paxton
With over 80 TV and film credits on his resume, Bill Paxton is one of Hollywood’s busiest actors. In order to get a few minutes to speak with him prior...
Fairy Tales Turns Sweet Sixteen
A Celebration of Queer Film
This month the Fairy Tales Queer Film Festival will celebrate its 16th year of bringing queer cinema to the people of Calgary. This venerable city institution...
Lawrence Hong
A Beacon of Light
On April 15th, 2014, Calgary lost five bright and promising young people - the talented, dedicated, and gregarious Lawrence Hong among them. Hong was an...
Chita Rivera
Love is the Key
There are few people who can claim to have had the same career for more than six decades, and fewer still who remain as vigorous and capable as they ever...
Parenting Proud
My Gay Agenda
I’ve been reading a lot of lies and misinformation in the conservative media lately or, should I say, more than the usual array, and it’s really got my...
Creating Safe Environments
The need for Gay-Straight Alliances in our schools
High school, as many of us will remember, was a period in our life when we were forming a sense of self-identity, or at least trying to find the way to...
Discussing Community Safety
The Victim Assistance Support Team
Hello again everyone. I want to start by thanking everyone who came and said hello at the Western Cup registration evening. It was great to see so many...
DJ Tracy Young is a Giver
“I give my heart, soul and body to every performance that I do”
Tracy Young has already had the kind of career most DJs dream of – a career that has spanned nearly two and a half decades and has allowed her the opportunity...
Deep Inside Hollywood
James Franco goes ex-gay
The whole Instagram thing where he may or may have hit on a 17-year-old girl? Then the whole thing of how that might have been an elaborate hoax? Those...
Elaine Stritch: The Lady Who Lives For Tomorrow
The untold story of a Broadway legend
A vase of lilies sits amidst medical paraphernalia used to keep Elaine Stritch’s diabetes in check. Her caretaker has just arranged the flowers and set...
Return to the Calgary Expo
After covering the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo for four years and meeting all manner of creatures, it’s always refreshing to see the steadfast...
Out of Town
WorldPride 2014: Exploring Toronto and Beyond
The annual Gay Pride celebration in Toronto has long been one of the biggest, boldest and best-attended around, but in 2014, get ready for the city’s greatest...
Kick Off Camping Season this May Long
34th Sandy Page LGBTQ Campout Offers Something for Everyone
Just two hours northeast of Calgary, minutes from the dinosauric lure of Drumheller, is the old, mystic ghost town of Wayne, Alberta. A fabulous place...
Cosplay Queens
Catching Up with Monika Lee, Jessica Nigri and Lindsay Elyse
Cosplay: a combination of technical skill, artistic expression, and love. In Alberta alone there are a dozen events for local cosplayers – people who dress...
In the Know
Bigger and Better fundraiser for noble cause
Every day in Canada eight people will be diagnosed HIV positive. In Alberta, alone, there are nearly 6,000 people known to be living with HIV. In the...
Skyping with “Hot Toddy” from Where the Bears Are
Since its 2012 debut the online webseries Where the Bears Are (WTBA) is gaining popularity. Though filming of a third season is just beginning, we managed...
The Naked Truth About Karmin
Duo on wanting a gay wedding, Nick’s bulge and the drag queens of Maine
Electro-pop duo Karmin got their big break on YouTube when they – ah, never mind. Go to Wikipedia if you want their bio. There are more pressing issues...
Teen Horror
Jack Black to play beloved author R.L. Stine in first Goosebumps movie
He’s the author of more than 300 books – a staple read for most people now in their late 20s – and likely one of the few great multi-genre writers that...
Cameron Diaz: The Real Thing
Actress on being called ‘bisexual,’ mom fetishes and her disappointment in the ladies
Cameron Diaz is all about breaking the rules ... especially when someone else is breaking them too. Strutting into a room at the Four Seasons at Beverly...
Voted “Best New Comic” by the writer of this article
Lumberjanes, a new release from BOOM! Studios, is a tremendously delightful read. The story focuses on five tween girls at summer camp, fighting monsters...
Queen of Hearts
‘Kinky Boots’ star Billy Porter on friend Cyndi Lauper, inspiring gay kids and finding forgiveness
For his first solo album since becoming "Tony and Grammy award winner Billy Porter," Broadway’s kinkiest drag queen is taking off the corset...
Edmontonions Reach for the Sky
Simone Denny Bringin’ it to Pure Pride
She’s an anthemic voice for the turn of the century; the lyrics to Love Inc.’s hits Broken Bones and You’re a Superstar are as representative of the years...
Behind the magic of Odysseo
Cavalia’s latest show spending summer in Alberta
If you have driven by Canada Olympic Park lately you will have noticed the giant white big-top perched upon a hill. Cavalia, the blend of acrobatics and...
Introducing the Drag Rapper Du Jour
Iggy Azalea on ‘lame fake lesbians,’ hip-hop homophobia and safeguarding her gays
Let’s get something straight: Iggy Azalea is not a "fake lesbian." In an era where pseudo bisexuality is all the rage, and though her YouTube...
Katie Cassidy
From Demons to Super Dames
Katie Cassidy’s name has been in the acting game a long time. When discussing her rise as an actress at a spotlight panel during Calgary Expo, she was...
Court in the Act
Interview with the talented Courtney Act
Courtney Act has been causing a stir lately, hanging with pal Chaz Bono, performing private "Applause" dances for Lady Gaga, and competing on...
Queer Eye
Sleepaway Camp by HOMO-CIDAL at Evolution, Edmonton Photos by Farley FooFoo Vanity Headliner at Evolution, Edmonton Photos by J&B Show of Shows...
A Couple of Guys
News Releases
Colourful Awards For Colouful People Queer, fag, homo - you name it, we’ve heard it.  Rather than accepting defeat...
Mr. GayCalgary May 2014
Mickey Wilson
Mickey Wilson is well known for his work in the LGBT Community.  Now in his late 50’s, Mickey is openly trans after transitioning to be male 23 years...
LGBT Community Directory
GayCalgary Magazine is the go-to source for information about Alberta LGBT businesses and community groups—the most extensive and accurate resource of...
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Online Articles this Month
Creep of the Week
Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant
If you live in a state where something shitty is happening, you always have the reassurance that, hey, at least you don’t live in Mississippi. When it...
Editorial Cartoon
Vurleen's Cake Booteek
The Frivolist
10 Practical Wedding Gifts For Your Gay Buddies
Wedding season unofficially kicks off this month, and with more and more states deeming same-sex marriages legal you’re bound to receive an invitation...
Deep Inside Hollywood
Zachary Quinto’s giving you The Chair
The director’s chair, that is. The actor’s production company, Before The Door Pictures, is partnering with producer Chris Moore (Project Greenlight) for...
Creep of the Week
Kevin Swanson
The last time I was snacking on some Teddy Grahams I thought to myself, "These little bears sure are cute. Hey, the bear on the box has a t-shirt...
Editorial Cartoon
Legal Briefs
The OutField
Gay Games 9 builds on the past
The past year marked a watershed for LGBT sports. Athletes at every level – professional, college, high school and amateur – at first ventured, then flooded...
Hear Me Out
Dolly Parton, Ingrid Michaelson, Boy George, Shakira
Dolly Parton, Blue Smoke A song off Dolly Parton’s 42nd studio album, "Lover du Jour," is as hilariously cheesy as some of the legend’s own...
Creep of the Week
Earl Bullard
Here’s a hypothetical situation for you: Let’s say you’ve been the mayor for less than a year of a little town in South Carolina called Latta. We’re talking...
Editorial Cartoon
At The Prom
Screen Queen: 2014’s Oscar-Celebrated Films
Frozen, Philomena, Gravity, Dallas Buyers Club, 12 Years a Slave, 20 Feet from Stardom, August: Osage County, Captain Phillips
Frozen Starring "the one and only" Adele Dazeem, better known to anyone who’s not John Travolta as Idina Menzel, Frozen is a flamboyant rush...
Hear Me Out
Tori Amos, Neon Trees, Augustana, Neneh Cherry
Tori Amos, Unrepentant Geraldines It took Christmas carols, 400-year-old classical music themes and a lovestruck "light princess" for Tori...
Creep of the Week
Idaho Division of Veterans Services
Imagine that your spouse is dead. You spent 17 years of your lives together, caring for and loving each other. Now her ashes are in a box in your closet...
Editorial Cartoon
Boy Scouts
Backstreet Boys Show Larger Than Life
For 21 years the Backstreet Boys have remained on top of the pop music world. Despite their success (130 million albums sold and 10 world tours) they still...
Spring Awakening: A New Musical
The Calgary based theatre company, Artists’ Collective Theatre is proud to present Spring Awakening: A New Musical from May 21st to 31st. ACT was founded...
Earl’s introduces a “Flawless” Summer Menu, just in time for Patio Season
A couple weeks ago, GayCalgary was asked to check out some new menu items that Earl’s had added for summer. The new additions are mostly great light eats...