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A “Meital” that Won’t Rust

Sultry Israeli artist wears gay icon status like a coat

Celebrity Interview by Krista Sylvester (From GayCalgary® Magazine, June 2012, page 14)
Meital Dohan
Meital Dohan
Image by: Meeno Peluce
Meital Dohan
Meital Dohan
Image by: Meeno Peluce
Meital Dohan
Meital Dohan
Image by: Meeno Peluce

With lyrics like "them boys are so hot" and "tasty and yummy, enjoy them while you can", you know actress-turned-singer Meital loves, well, boys. But you know what; they love her back. Gays, lesbians and straights are soaking up Tel Aviv-born Meital’s voice and dancing to the beat of her proverbial drum.

Before her two singles – and videos – for "Yummy Boyz" and "Yummy", the 32-year-old dynamic force was probably best known for her recurring role on HBO’s Weeds, where in one memorable episode she pulled out a black dildo for a sex scene – with an uncomfortable looking guy to be on the receiving end.

"Oh, that was funny," she laughs. "It was a lot of fun actually. The whole show was fun, but that scene was particularly funny. It was a pleasure."

But that was then and this is now, and if you haven’t seen Meital’s first two music videos yet, you should.

In the already-viral video "Yummy", the vixen packs a punch while wearing nothing but pink boxing gloves and boots. But you get the impression Meital is not shy. In a she’s sexy and she knows it kind of way, she takes the Internet by storm racking up millions of views for her videos and probably millions more for her magazine covers and photographs.

But it was her "Yummy Boyz" video that hit MTV and catapulted Meital into the club music force she is becoming, and her songs are blaring on pride stations and remixed in gay clubs across the world.

"The videos were a lot of fun," she says from London, England where the ever-busy vixen is amidst several projects. "They were both fun in different ways."

These days Meital is dabbling in a little bit of everything, but music is at the forefront. Her upcoming album I’m in Hate With Love will be released in the fall and she just returned from a female-filled April weekend at Dinah Shore where she performed her upbeat songs for hundreds of lesbians. Dinah Shore labelled her one of the top five emerging artists to watch for this year.

"It was amazing. They have a very different energy, a very beautiful energy. Some were more femme, some more masculine but in general they were all very energetic and well-rounded. It was so beautiful."

So is there a Yummy Girlz video in the artist’s future?

"I should," she laughs, "but I don’t have that version yet."

She may have become a gay icon with her music, but Meital has actually been around gay people her whole life. Her best friend in Israel was gay, though unfortunately he died.  Now she has other gay friends there, and as she travels for work, she’s making many new gay friends everywhere she goes.

"I really have a lot of fun with a gay audience. I think the gay community is a lot of fun and they are very open-minded, emotional and vibrant people," Meital says. "It’s so much fun - it makes me feel like I was gay in a past life."

But it’s more than just friendships for Meital; she wants to support homosexuals and encourage progress in society’s acceptance of them.

"Anything I can do for minorities, sexual freedom or just freedom in general, it’s my honour to be a part of it."

And besides, Meital says in her sultry Israeli accent, "straight is so boring these days."

It doesn’t hurt that she’s constantly compared with popular artists Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, just to name a couple.

"Oh, it’s all good. I think gay audiences embrace new artists they believe in, and that’s kind of something that’s always been happening," she explains. "They usually are drawn to strong, passionate women that are edgy and bring something new."

Women, she adds, like Bette Midler, Madonna, Cher and of course, Gaga and Perry. While some artists dislike being compared to others, Meital embraces it. Besides, she says, there are worse things you can be compared to than some of the best in the industry.

"I’m still going to do my own thing but it’s still great to be compared."

And to think, Meital might not have ever turned to music if not for her spiritual guide in Israel who urged her along. She could have continued acting, performing comedy, appearing on magazine covers like Maxim and never have appeared in videos. But she had a calling.

"I mean, I’ve always like music, but I never really focused on it until my guide said, you have to go back right now, drop everything and go now, and then everything just happened so fast," she says. "Isn’t that funny?"

Meital is just a go-with-the-flow kind of girl, wherever that may lead her. And lucky for us it’s everywhere. But will she be coming to Canada?

"I’ve been to Toronto and I would love to come back to Canada and really connect with Canadian audiences," she says. "I think it’s such a beautiful place."

For now, Canadians will have to whet their Meital appetite with her next single, a song with popular Jamaican artist Sean Kingston.  If her previous videos are an indication, it’s going to be a club hit, which means it’ll hit the gay clubs with ferocious intensity.(GC)

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