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Terms of Use


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Using the Directory

Directory listing information contained on this website is for personal use only - it is NOT to be copied or replicated on other websites, databases, or resources without the expressed permission of the businesses or organizations listed.

External websites or resources may only link to the GayCalgary® website, or specific listing information on the GayCalgary website.

Posting a Listing

By posting a listing, you agree to the following:

  • GayCalgary® is not responsible for any consequences incurred due to inaccurate or outdated information in your listing. Listings are self-administered so it is the responsibility of the creator of the listing to keep information up to date, or disable the listing if the information is no longer valid.
  • GayCalgary® is authorized to contact you via the E-mail address provided to request confirmation, notify you of your listing approval status, and contact you for reasons regarding your directory listing. If at any point the E-mail address provided becomes defunct, GayCalgary reserves the right to remove your listing from the directory.
  • GayCalgary® reserves the right to reject your directory listing for any reason. This is a gay/gay-supportive directory, so listings may be even be rejected if they bare little relevance to the gay community.
  • GayCalgary® reserves the right to modify your directory listing prior to approval. This may entail formatting, spelling and grammar, categorization etc.