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CBC Radio/Pride Month, An Advertising Moment in History with Subaru's 1994 Advertising Campaign

Released: Thursday June 25, 2020 (New Jersey) - Rivendell Media

CBC, the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Corporation is marking Pride month by going back—to the time when Subaru Cars of America started a revolution by advertising in the gay press. Todd Evans, President of Rivendell Media, the largest LGBTQ media buying company in the United States notes: "When Subaru started, in 1994, gay media was supported by phone sex lines, and Absolut Vodka, the news about the AIDS epidemic was grim, we had ONLY bad news, yet here was this car company buying millions of dollars worth of ads. Subaru, and Mulryan/Nash showed that the gay market existed, and that it was effective, the prices were reasonable, and, most importantly, it worked."

The Subaru campaign was developed by Mulryan/Nash Advertising. The campaign ran from 1994 until 2008.

Subaru, as noted in the radio piece, continues to enjoy intense brand loyalty from gay consumers, even though Subaru abandoned the campaign as the 2008 financial crisis hit. Dave Mulryan,

who founded Mulryan/Nash notes: "The company moved on, and, frankly, few car companies have come in to fill a clear void. They, the automakers, should, because the LGBTQ press may be he only bright spot in publishing, with growth, and a continued presence in virtually every American city. LGBTQ media continues to be cost effective, vibrant, and, most importantly, it gets to that greatest of great consumers, gays."

Mr. Mulryan: "Marketers need to pay attention to the gay market. Millennials care very much about what their gay contemporaries do, and follow their consumer habits closely. The gay market has shifted, to be a vector to that most elusive of animals, Generation Z and millennials. We have a country that is unstable, yet the Supreme Court just affirmed the legitimacy of LGBTQ rights. Politicians, campaigns, and brands should pay attention."

Mulryan Nash started in New York City in 1989. It continues to target LGBTQ consumers, and is now located in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Mr. Mulryan continues to helm the company.

Rivendell Media is located in New Jersey, and is run by Todd Evans.


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