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Montréal Pride Festival 2020: 360 Edition, from August 10 to 16

Released: Thursday May 21, 2020 (Montréal) - CNW Telbec/Montréal Pride Fest
Montréal Pride Festival 2020: 360 Edition, from August 10 to 16

The Montréal Pride Festival, presented by TD, proudly announces that it will hold a 360 Edition from August 10 to 16 in an entirely adapted form, and stresses that the importance of Pride goes beyond any physical or in-person gathering. The festival is actually one of the few moments during the year that provides the sexual and gender diversity communities with visibility as well as an opportunity to voice their social and policy demands. Programming for this innovative edition of the Montréal Pride Festival will be unveiled next June.

In order to comply with the social distancing measures of the Quebec Government, the 2020 edition of the Montréal Pride Festival promises to be a highly creative presentation combining multiple and different channels of communication. As a festival promoting respect for diversity, its core activities will be presented in a format adapted to current circumstances. Festivalgoers will thus be able to take part in various online conferences and activities as well as in a modified version of the popular Community Day on August 15, and in many festive events between August 10 and 16. A detailed announcement will be made in June.

"The Pride movement was born out of adversity and has since overcome major historical challenges; its spirit cannot be postponed nor cancelled. The communities of sexual and gender diversity — especially those whose rights and freedoms are not fully recognized and whose visibility is often limited to the festival's duration —can not only celebrate social advances that concern them but also use this moment as an opportunity to advocate on behalf of their rights while they gather together in a different way, this year," said Éric Pineault, founding president of Montréal Pride.

About the Montréal Pride Festival
Since 2007, at the initiative of Montréal's LGBTQ+ communities, the Montréal Pride Festival has been promoting their rights and celebrating their cultural richness and social advances. The largest gathering of the communities of sexual and gender diversity (SGD) in the Francophone world works locally on a daily basis while serving as a beacon of hope for people living in LGBTQ+ hostile regions of the globe. In 2019, the festival generated a total attendance of 3.4 million visitors. In 2020, the festivities will be held from August 10 to 16. More information is available on the web page, the Facebook page, as well as Twitter and Instagram accounts.


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