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RECIPE - Absolut Vodka launches Absolut Comeback, a limited-edition bottle celebrating recycling

Released: Wednesday February 19, 2020 (TORONTO) - CNW/Corby Spirit and Wine
RECIPE - Absolut Vodka launches Absolut Comeback, a limited-edition bottle celebrating recycling
Marmalade MarTEAni
Marmalade MarTEAni
Russian Recycled
Russian Recycled
Sustainability has been part of Absolut's mission for many years and it is striving for a more circular world in which resources are reused again and again to benefit local economies, communities and ecosystems.

In keeping with this mission, Absolut has launched a new limited-edition bottle, Absolut Comeback. Just like all Absolut bottles, Absolut Comeback is made with more than 41% recycled glass. Absolut sees power and beauty in waste and it believes that with little creativity we can all make something old and unwanted come back around in a new form. Absolut Comeback bottle design shows that an Absolut Vodka bottle is best used when it is recycled.

Absolut Comeback campaign is part of Absolut's ongoing brand platform, Create a Better Tomorrow, Tonight. Absolut believes in building a more open world by using creativity to drive positive change. Absolut Comeback is a statement of accountability and commitment to strive every day to improve as Absolut believes that all brands should act in sustainable and transparent way to create a more open world. Absolut wants to inspire everyone to join its #RecyclingHero movement as together we can create a better tomorrow.

"Absolut has been committed to sustainable production methods for many years; and we are excited to be celebrating this and specifically our recycling efforts in the form of a bottle launch for the very first time. We believe that a glass bottle must have a second life; Absolut Comeback is a pure manifestation of this belief. We hope that our new limited-edition bottle campaign will inspire more people to use creativity in order to waste less." said Henrik Ellstrom, Absolut's Director of Strategy and Innovation.

Absolut Comeback is now available in stores across Canada.

Recycled Cocktail Collection

Introducing the Recycled Cocktail Collection, remixing how drinks should be mixed. Just as Absolut's new limited edition Absolut Comeback bottles- and every bottle Absolut creates - these cocktails call for recycled and reused ingredients for better-than-before creations. For more sustainable sips& tips, visit

Marmalade MarTEAni
1 ½ oz Absolut Vodka infused with one used black tea bag
2/3 oz homemade marmalade
2/3 oz lemon juice

How to mix: Prepare the tea infused Absolut Vodka and homemade marmalade. Pour all ingredients into a shaker. Add Ice Cubes and shake. Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with the used tea bag.

Russian Recycled
1 ½ oz Absolut Vodka filtered through leftover coffee grounds
½ oz simple syrup
2 oz milk of your choice

How to mix: Prepare the coffee flavored Absolut Vodka. Pour all ingredients into a shaker. Add ice cubes and shake. Pour the mix and ice into a tumbler glass.

Muled Mule
1 ½ oz Absolut Vodka
1 part leftover red wine mixed with mulled spices
3 1/3 oz ginger beer
1 Lime wedge

How to mix: Prepare the spiced leftover Red Wine. Add all ingredients and ice cubes to a highball glass. Stir, squeeze Lime Wedge over the drink, and drop the used Lime Wedge into the drink.(GC)

Muled Mule
Muled Mule

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