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GeoSure Announces Top 5 Safest Global Urban Neighborhoods for LGBTQ Travelers

Released: Thursday September 20, 2018 (BOULDER, Colo.) - PRNewswire/GeoSure Global LLC
GeoSure Announces Top 5 Safest Global Urban Neighborhoods for LGBTQ Travelers
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GeoSure, the global leader in providing real-time, hyper-local safety information for business and leisure travelers, officially launched the first-ever neighborhood-level LGBTQ Safety ratings category on its award-winning smartphone app. LGBTQ travelers will—for the first time—have unlimited access to real-time safety ratings on more than 30,000 neighborhoods worldwide. GeoSure is available on the App Store and Google Play. GeoSure defines their LGBTQ Safety category as rating "Likelihood of harm or discrimination against LGBTQ persons or groups and level of caution required at location."

GeoSure also announced the "Top 5 Safest Global Urban Neighborhoods for LGBTQ Travelers." GeoSure's easy-to-use interface provides safety ratings ranging from 1-100—the lower the score, the safer the neighborhood. Utilizing machine learning, AI, sentiment analysis and predictive analytics, GeoSure compiles ratings based on analysis of thousands of sources daily to provide and continuously update its suite of comprehensive travel safety solutions.

Top 5 Safest Global Urban Neighborhoods for LGBTQ Travelers:

The Castro district in San Francisco (GeoSure Score: 17)

Berlin's Schöneberg neighborhood (GeoSure Score: 24)

Amsterdam's Centrum neighborhood (GeoSure Score: 27)

Barcelona's Eixample neighborhood (GeoSure Score: 30)

Tel Aviv's City Center / Florentin neighborhood (GeoSure Score: 31)

"Three years ago, GeoSure was the first ever to develop a dedicated women's travel safety measure scaled globally, and today we are pleased to unveil the first localized safety awareness solution specifically for traveling LGBTQ persons," said Michael Becker, CEO of GeoSure. "Whether traveling for business, leisure or study abroad, our singular focus is providing the most rapid safety awareness, granular to the neighborhood level, to help people have the smoothest trip experience possible."

GeoSure's unique traveler-centric safety solutions empower, engage and inform travelers, with a particular focus on traveling women and LGBTQ community members. GeoSure supports the global travel ecosystem by provisioning travelers with "ubiquitous" safety awareness, reinforces a positive safety feedback loop in tourism economies, and helps organizations become leaders in Safety Stewardship™, rapidly advancing GeoSure's mission of "A Safer, More Predictable World."

About GeoSure
GeoSure is the worldwide leader in scaled, location safety assessment. The company leverages proprietary technology, machine learning, predictive analytics, and AI to calculate location-specific safety ratings represented as GeoSafeScoresTM—a simple, standardized rating that gauges the relative safety of traveling personnel or at-risk real assets anywhere in the world. GeoSure generates safety ratings for more than 30,000 locations worldwide, with locations and data growing daily. GeoSure mobile is available free for both iPhone and Android, and data is available to organizations via API or web app integrations.

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