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PAUL GOES TO HOLLYWOOD - Welcome to The Pleasuredome!

Released: Tuesday May 15, 2018 -
PAUL GOES TO HOLLYWOOD - Welcome to The Pleasuredome!
PAUL GOES TO HOLLYWOOD - Welcome to The Pleasuredome!
PAUL GOES TO HOLLYWOOD - Welcome to The Pleasuredome!

Paul Goes To Hollywood is a men’s fashion and accessories collection from Finnish brand My Lost Uncle-MissingSince1979.

Digitally printed collection is an homage to the dancer and singer Paul Rutherford and the 1980’s music videos, zine magazines, xerox copied flyers and the club culture which was ahead of time back then.
We can always remember Rutherford as a doorman at the apocalyptic club in Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s Relax video. He’s got the power to invite quests to the fantasies of pleasuredome. The legacy of all this still lives in the underground culture and fascinates the new generations.

Collection’s mood is visualized on Aapo Siikala by Finnish fashion photographer Mikko Rasila. Siikala,44 is recently retired contenporary dancer from Finnish National Opera. His last role was the world famous icon Tom of Finland.

My Lost Uncle-MissingSince1979 is established in 2015. The brand is specialized on men’s printed everyday fashion products and produces non seasonal collection sets several times in a year. Brand collaborates with small factories and workshops in Finland and USA.
Label’s concept is a mix of independent fashion and the art of freedom. Garments and accessories are inspired by the forgotten memories, bizarreness of Northern Hemisphere, the popular culture and especially various stereotypes of modern man.

Previous collection sets from My Lost Uncle, for example Hustler White Unidentified(2017) has been spotted internationally on several blogs, publications and Los Angeles based Tom of Finland Store. Sold out Hustler White collection was ordered to Barcelona, Athens, Beijing, Stockholm and Helsinki to name a few big cities.

Paul Goes to Hollywood Set N°1 will be on sale at My Lost Uncle-MissingSince1979 webshop this summer.


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