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The Reality of Porn

Up Close and Personal with Steven Daigle

Interview by Jason Clevett (From GayCalgary® Magazine, June 2010, page 61)
The Reality of Porn: Up Close and Personal with Steven Daigle
The Reality of Porn: Up Close and Personal with Steven Daigle
The Reality of Porn: Up Close and Personal with Steven Daigle
Although only on Big Brother 10 for 16 days, Texan Steven Daigle certainly left an impression with fans of the show. He is certainly showing a different side of himself now…as a porn star. His first two films Steven Daigle: XXXPosed and Steven Daigle Stalked are both available now.
A former Geographic Information System Analyst, he was introduced to the idea of doing porn by legendary directer Chi Chi LaRue, who met him at the Big Brother wrap party.
“My job was going downhill because the company had been sold and things were looking gloomy. Chi Chi LaRue is a huge big brother fan and we had become friends. I had gotten involved with the porn industry just by attending events with Chi Chi and meeting people. I got to get to know some really nice people in the industry,” Daigle told GayCalgary and Edmonton Magazine.
“Chi Chi brought it up one day and I laughed it off and said I could never be a porn star, I am not like those guys. Once I started hanging out with them I realized they are normal people like anyone else. They work out a lot, have great bodies and are don’t mind being sexual on camera. I realized anybody could be that. The day came where my job was looking horrible and I thought why not, called Chi Chi and said let’s do it.”
While being a porn star sounds like a dream come true, it is a lot of work and his nerves got the better of him the first day on set of XXXPosed.
“It was a funny experience. I walked into a waiting room to fill out paperwork and hang out with other guys waiting to shoot. I was nervous as hell, I felt like I was going to throw up. Larry (Chi Chi’s male name) walked in and said come here I want you to see something. We walked into the studio and two guys were on a desk going at it. We were watching it on a monitor and I was in awe, I couldn’t believe I was there. The time came for me to do it. We shot some b-roll, the dialogue part with clothes on, I got on top of my scene partner (Josh Griffin), Larry called action and we started making out. I thought it was incredible.”
Things got a little complicated when Daigle’s clothes came off.
“There was a little problem, I wasn’t getting hard at all. I thought I was a complete failure as a porn actor. We shot as much as we could but I couldn’t get myself hard. Larry was so good though, he explained it was really common on someone’s first day. No one walks in and is a great performer, you work up to it. The first day was a little difficult but we got through it. I came back for the rest of the shoot and everything worked as it should. After the first day jitters it has been uphill since then.”
On his web blog, he explained that he hadn’t bottomed in a long time and is usually a top. Yet for his first film in both scenes he bottomed.
“Originally that was a flip-flop scene but because of all of the issues, we had to scrap me topping to get the scene done. I am really not that big of a bottom in my personal life so when you see that first penetration in the movie, that is real, not me acting - that joyful pain, if you can call it that. With my second film I wanted to show that I am a versatile performer so we made sure I topped two different guys.”
Both of his current films were shot in the opposite order of what you would expect, he explained. It takes a long time to do a 20 minute scene, let alone the 30 - 60 minute scenes in the films.
“The bathroom scene (XXXposed) was very unique to film. We literally filmed that with a flip cam ourselves. Most scenes are a lot of start and stop, moving cameras and lights, all the aspects of shooting a scene. With that scene Larry handed us a camera and said you spend at least an hour in there. We literally went in that bathroom and just had sex. That was a lot of fun to shoot. A normal scene you are usually there anywhere between 4 - 6 hours with breaks, resetting, that sort of stuff. Stalked was two days of shooting because I am in the entire movie from beginning to end. The first day we shot, I was there 6 or 7 hours and the second day was a little less. The first thing we shot for Stalked was the scene with six guys and I am blowing them all... It was shot backwards from how you view the movie. The second day was Adam Killian and I doing our duo, and then threeway with Leo Giamani.”
Daigle is keeping busy with films; in addition to another one with LaRue, he has several others coming down the pipe (no pun intended).
“I’ve shot another scene with Chi Chi, but not the rest of the film, so that will be awhile. I shot a movie for Falcon called Snap Shot with Erik Rhodes, which was incredible because he is one of my favorites. I am shooting a film for Michael Lucas called Kings of New York and then I fly back to LA to shoot a movie for Jetset Men.”
Branching out in porn offers new challenges to Daigle, who in his initial projects was simply himself. Other companies create storylines, characters, and dialogue around the sex, which adds a new dimension to the job.
“The Falcon movie has nothing to do with me being Steven, I am just an actor. The Michael Lucas film, I appear again as Steven Daigle: Reality TV Star, and the Jetset film will be just as an actor. I just got the script for Kings of New York and I actually have quite a bit of dialogue in that movie, there is quite a bit of plot. I am nervous. I hope I am a decent actor, I don’t want to embarrass myself. In reality TV you are just yourself, no script, so you look natural because you are. So now I have to appear natural reading scripted lines. I am excited about it but will be doing a lot of practicing.”
Admittedly it is a bit of an adjustment watching a guy from reality TV grunt, groan and swear. Some may write it off as “porn talk” but the Steven you see in film is a pretty good representation of him in bed in real life.
“That is mostly me. I am a vocal person in my personal life. It is hard for me to say this because I don’t want to come across as cocky but after the first couple of days of shooting, one of the compliments I have gotten from Larry and other people on set is, I am very natural, vocal and aggressive. They applaud that. People see it and perceive it as real. Some people will be like a dead fish, going through the motions, it doesn’t look like there is chemistry or like they are into what they are doing, it looks fake. On film is how I am in bed at home so it comes naturally.”
The difficulty in doing porn is also finding a quality relationship, he says.
“I am single. It is difficult trying to date when you act in porn movies. You get the guys who want to be around you just because you are in porn, it is hard to date someone like that - no substance there. Or you meet guys who you have a genuine interest in and if they don’t know about the porn and you tell them, it scares them off, or they become leery and skeptical about dating someone who is having sex on camera all the time. It is a catch-22 situation. You have lots of men around who are interested in you but it is hard to find a quality situation.”
In addition to doing films, Daigle has been in demand for personal appearances, hosting, go-go-dancing and events. This also started with LaRue who invited Daigle to attend his first Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco in September 2009.
“It was overwhelming. The first night I was there, Chi Chi and Sister Roma put on a party called Pop Goes The Zipper. I was a special guest as Steven from Big Brother. This room must have had 30 porn stars in it. People I had seen in DVD’s and on the internet for years, I was standing next to them, they were wearing next to nothing and running around, dancing.  There was…a bondage scene on stage. I was shocked, it was crazy to me. That entire weekend, every time I thought I had seen something crazy, 10 minutes later I would see something crazier. It culminated on the Sunday at the actual festival. It was a blast, it really freed me and opened me up to not being so sexually inhibited.”
As someone who also experienced my first Folsom in September, we had a lot in common. Being from two fairly conservative places (Alberta and Texas) it was amazing to see people being so liberated.
“The most interesting aspect for me was that all of this was going on, everyone was so free and open, and it was straight, gay, men, women. People who wanted to express themselves as people and what they like and enjoy, out in the open without any criticism. Even if it is primarily gay, the lines were totally blurred,” he recalled.
“When you walk around the festival there are so many textures, people with leather, bondage. I was obsessed by watching people being lead around in collars on leashes. It cracked me up, not like making fun of them but because they were so open about it. I was writing a blog about the weekend, and I thought if I am going to write a blog about my first Folsom weekend I should get in the spirit of things. So I bought a leash and collar and I had the guys I was with pull me around the fair all day. We took a good picture and when we posted the blog, it went up with it. It was a fun day, I thought I might as well immerse myself.”
In recent weeks Daigle has been to Miami for the White Party, as well as to San Francisco, New York, and Chicago to name a few. He is coming to Edmonton for the Pure Pride party on Saturday, June 12th.
“Edmonton has been a Pride that has grown in the last 20 years from very small to very successful. It is a pretty good time from what I hear. I am stoked about it and so happy Johnny Hazzard is going to be there, he is one of my favorites. We are going to have a good time there. It is exciting to go to these new cities and meet people face to face and talk to them, dance with them. [Often] I will be in a bar and have someone come up to me who is so excited to meet me because of Big Brother. Others walk up who are porn fans and never saw a day of it. So there is this duality role where I have to play…the Big Brother guy and then five minutes later am talking about porn. It is fun, it is definitely exhausting. People think I lead a glamorous life but I am definitely working hard, late hours, living in airports and on airplanes and don’t have all the comforts of home. When you take those away, they become very important, so when you do get to come home it means a lot.”
While excited to be coming to Edmonton, he hasn’t visited Calgary yet. He was heavily promoted as the “gay cowboy” on Big Brother and while he has a lot of rodeo experience, he hasn’t yet made it to the ARGRA rodeo.
“I started bull-riding when I was 21, I wasn’t out at that time. I had always wanted to try it and a buddy put me on one and I got addicted to it. I would do straight rodeos, local jackpots, for years off and on while I was in college - more for practice and fun. I never had aspirations of being a professional but it was a hobby to me; a way to go out and do something thrilling and exciting and enjoy myself. After college I moved to Dallas and came out at 26 years old. I found out about the gay rodeos and started doing them. I loved every second of it, I went to as many as time and money would allow me to go to. I had a horse and was doing a lot of events - pole bending, barrel racing, all three camp events, bull-riding, calf roping. At one point I was doing all of those events at every rodeo I went to, which was exhausting. I sold my horse and slowed down to bull-riding being my primary focus. A couple of years ago right after Big Brother I was riding and separated my shoulder for the second time. I haven’t been back on for a year and a half,” he told us.
He hopes to make it to the ARGRA rodeo soon.
“I get that question a lot. I have heard over and over it is one of the most fun rodeos to go to, and a great time. It just hasn’t happened for me yet. I am going to make a point right now, I know I am free that week so I am going to see what I can do to get up there. I would love to meet people in Calgary. I promise the rodeo and the people of Calgary I am going to try my best to make it up.”
One thing that is still strange to him are the compliments that random people throw his way, dating back to his first TV appearances.
“When I first got compliments off of Big Brother and people would recognize me, it was surreal and strange. I get a little embarrassed when people say I can’t believe I am meeting Steven Daigle because I am the exact same person as anyone else, I have just been on TV. I am very humbled and appreciative of it. I will speak to any fan who comes up to me, I will never turn someone away or not talk to them or not take a photo, because we are nobody without people who want to watch us. If I didn’t appreciate every person who wants to speak to me I would just be a douche-bag and I don’t want to be that person. It makes me feel good to know people are interested in me but I still have the same insecurities that everybody has. I still feel like I am not in good enough shape, or good enough at things - I am very critical of myself. The more success I have, the more people see me and know me, the harder I am on myself. I have confidence in myself but still doubt myself a lot, and the more pressure I have to be a better performer and person, the harder I am on myself.”
Porn actors have a narrow window, in that the industry is always looking for the next young, cute performer. Having entered the industry at 36, Daigle has started late in life, and is striking while the iron is hot.
“…People have a limited shelf life in porn. I’ve been told to be careful because I am overexposing myself, too much too fast. My goal is to get my website up and running successfully. The members area will be launched this summer which will be a pay site where you can watch videos of me solo, with other guys, and eventually videos without me even in it. I’d like to see the website be successful and make money off that and see where it goes. There are people with very successful websites that they survive on, or it may just give me some extra money. I will do porn for awhile, and who knows maybe someday move behind the camera. I have heard some things like, that I am an attention whore looking for another 15 minutes of fame. It is what it is. I wanted to make movies, I enjoy doing it and it is the lifestyle I want to lead.”


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