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Bebe gives her "Best Of" for the Race!

RuPaul's Drag Race - Season 2 Episode 11

TV Show Review by Bebe Zahara Benet (From June 2010 Online)

Wasn’t it great to see me on the special episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race this week? Well, it was wonderful to sit down with RuPaul and my season one sisters Ongina and Nina Flowers to critique season two, but there was still so much more to be said that I thought I’d dedicate this week’s column to some of my favorite moments that we didn’t get a chance to talk about during the show.

Funniest Moment: There’s plenty to choose from, but for me it has got to be Jujube during the reading challenge. I just loved everything she said about everybody – calling Raven legendary – as in “leg” and “dairy,” snapping at Jessica in Chinese and even talking smack about Tyra’s grill – that reading was hilarious! A second runner-up moment was Pandora Boxx playing Carol Channing in the “Snatch Game” challenge. Ms. Boxx knows how to mine a laugh.

Biggest Diva Moments: We had more than a few moments to judge this season. I’ll skip ranking catfights and assess in terms of performance. I’d say the other Tyra coming out as sophisticated lady on a mad shopping spree was a great diva moment, as was Jujube’s peach dress in the Old Hollywood fashion challenge. It was mentioned in the live show, but it bears mentioning again – Raven’s gold Cleopatra dress and blonde afro was really, really fierce!

Best Makeup: Oh honey! Give it to Raven! I think Raven really switched up her makeup to go with different looks. Even when she did the country girl or the rock ‘n’ roll look or the whole glamour thing she was able to create a different persona through makeup. She is really mastering the craft and art of drag.

Best Runway: I will go with Jujube. I really will! She walks with confidence, walks with so much fierceness, so much attitude and so much personality. I really love how she does all levels of her presentation.

Best Lip-sync: It seems like I’m a fan of Jujube! I love how she lip-syncs. Sometimes she gives a little too much, but she is more often right on the money. She is able to catch the little things the artist does. She’s right on point with it. That’s someone who has studied the music and knows what the whole song is about. I also liked Raven’s lip-syncing. There is something about it that is a little sassy. I’d give it to both of them.

Biggest Wish: To see Jessica Wild last longer. She had so much potential! If she had been given another chance I am convinced there would have been other things about her performance that would have made us all go “wow.”(GC)

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