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LGBT people nine times more likely than non-LGBT people to be victims of violent hate crimes
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Articles in the June 2019 Edition
VIDEO INTERVIEW - Fortune Feimster Is Giving the Gays Something to Talk About
The comedian on her pandemic success, going hard on the wine and getting closer to an even bigger break
Fortune Feimster’s mouth has been going and going and going. "I talk a lot right now," says the Southern comedian who hails from North Carolina...
VIDEO INTERVIEW - Where Does the Good Go? Jason Mraz Knows
The musician opens up about coming out as bisexual and talks Pride, protesting and our current uprising
The coronavirus pandemic has forced Pride events around the world to go virtual this year. For Jason Mraz, that means he can, for the first time, take...
INTERVIEW - His Black Queerness, Front and Center
“Love, Simon” star Keiynan Lonsdale talks defiant solo album, social justice uprising and embracing his Black queer identity
Once Keiynan Lonsdale made no apologies for who he is, the music followed suit. The star of the CW’s The Flash and 2018’s gay teen comedy Love, Simon celebrates...
FASHION - ES Collection Presents Its “Dystopia” Collection
In "Dystopia", their newest activewear line for men and women, ES Collection imagines a post-apocalyptic world that is the direct result of today's...
VIDEO INTERVIEW - ‘Queer Eye’ Stars on How to Talk to ‘All Lives Matter’ People
Jonathan, Antoni and Karamo weigh in on the Black Lives Matter movement
In this current moment of civil unrest and racial tension, Queer Eye stars Karamo Brown (culture), Jonathan Van Ness (grooming) and Antoni Porowski (food...
INTERVIEW - Getting To Know MAJESTY Author Jake Biondi
GayCalgary: What inspired you to write the MAJESTY series? Jake Biondi: I have always been a huge fan of period pieces, particularly books and films set...
INTERVIEW - Slick Chicks
Chicks frontwoman Natalie Maines on the queer creators behind the trio’s comeback album & their kinship with the LGBTQ community
Sitting somewhere with an abstract-art background obscuring her precise location, (Dixie) Chicks frontwoman Natalie Maines erupts into an explosive maybe-I-shouldn’t...
INTERVIEW - Inside Jessie Ware’s Queer Utopia
Disco queen settles the gay debate over her new album and talks queer Twitter love, big wigs and pop music’s disco moment
Jessie Ware sees all the fan-sent rainbow emojis on her Twitter feed, and "definitely a lot of Spanish writing and I don’t know what they’re saying...
FASHION - ES Collection Introduces Its Bon Voyage Swim Collection
Bon Voyage is a cheerful collection that travels back to the 60s, the height of the industrialization boom in Barcelona when thousands arrived from smaller...
Pride Journey
Salt Lake City
For years I have heard about Salt Lake City’s thriving LGBTQ community, but I had yet to experience it firsthand. The Advocate even called Salt Lake City...
The Good, The Bad and the Fishy
While some people’s bucket lists include things like running marathons, climbing Machu Picchu, or joining the mile-high club, for RuPaul’s Drag Race super-fans...
INTERVIEW - Crazy Sexy Time with Dan Stevens
The “Eurovision” actor talks campy gay role, an early-career gay role, and being a Dan Savage fan
As closeted Russian pop prince Alexander Lemtov, actor Dan Stevens shows up in the Netflix comedy Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga bejeweled...
Online Articles this Month
THEATRE REVIEW – “Priscilla Queen of the Desert the Musical” at Stage West Calgary
I was excited to hear that Stage West was going to have a performance of Priscilla Queen of the Desert the Musical. I have seen the movie several times...
Creep of the Week
Jason Rapert
As of this writing 150,000 people in the U.S. are dead because of the novel coronavirus. It’s over half a million worldwide. We still aren’t doing enough...
Pride Journey
Indianapolis has always felt like a second home to me. I used to publish a gay magazine there called UNITE a few years ago, so I was frequently visiting...
Screen Queen
'Can't Stop the Music,' starring the Village People; plus, Criterion's 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch,' 'Gloria Bell,' 'Blue Velvet'
Can’t Stop the Music Three Men and a Baby actor Steve Guttenberg is on roller skates, and that’s just the beginning of Can’t Stop the Music, the quasi-autobiographical...
Creep of the Week
National Straight Pride Coalition
Well, well, well, if it isn’t another week in Horror Town, USA. That's just about any town in the country right now, but it's definitely all of the towns...
Editorial Cartoon
Upon Further Reflection
Editorial Cartoon
Deep Inside Hollywood
Queer Hallmark Christmas Movies, Batwoman, Ewan McGregor, Pedro Almodóvar and Tilda Swinton
Some queer Hallmark Christmas movies are coming. Ho ho ho. For a long time we were comfortable allowing straight people to have Hallmark Christmas movies...
Positive Thoughts - The Human Spirit Strikes Back
It’s been another tumultuous year, but at least in 2018 we started talking about HIV again
Let’s face it, it’s been a rough one. More senseless shootings, more #MeToo controversies, more attacks on trans and immigrant rights – and more budget...
Creep of the Week
Jerry Falwell Jr.
"Pull your pants up." How many times have we heard this admonishment directed at young Black men? Even Barack Obama, in a 2008 interview with...
Editorial Cartoon
Dancing with DeGeneres in the Pale Moonlight
Pride Journey
Kansas City
The only things I knew about Kansas City prior to visiting, were the tales of legendary BBQ and the Chiefs. I went with an open mind and little expectations...
Creep of the Week
Donald Trump
In the middle of a pandemic Trump is literally destroying the post office right before our eyes because he doesn’t want people to be able to safely vote...
Editorial Cartoon
My Convention in Milwaukee
Deep Inside Hollywood
Paul Lynde biopic “Man in the Box”, Scotty Bowers, Trans in “Trumpland”, “81 Words” for the world
Billy Eichner developing Paul Lynde biopic Man in the Box Queer and square at the same time is a good way to describe the legendary Paul Lynde, the comic...
Creep of the Week
Thom Brennaman
As I write this, the first night of the Republican National Convention is a’happening. I’m not watching because I value my life, but much has been made...
Hear Me Out
6 Best Songs By Women in 2019
‘Bring My Flowers Now,’ Tanya Tucker Country music legend Tanya Tucker’s elegiac coda from her first album in 10 years, "Bring My Flowers Now"...
Editorial Cartoon
Trump's LGBTQ Outreach
Creep of the Week
Donald Trump (Again)
Greetings and F.U. to Trump and his enabling Republicans who pretended COVID-19 was a Democratic hoax and STILL have no national plan to mitigate the virus...
Editorial Cartoon
Salvaging Some Self-Respect
Pride Journey
I am always up for a big adventure, so I thought visiting Milwaukee right before winter would be a good idea. Little did I know, winter comes early in...
Small Home Renovations with Big Payoffs
If you’re planning on selling your home soon, you want to be able to set your asking price as high as you can. You may need to make a down payment on a...
Creep of the Week
Nick Moutos
The Attorney General’s office in Texas is not exactly known for being a friendly place for LGBTQ people. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is NOT a fan...
Editorial Cartoon
Exemption Card
Deep Inside Hollywood
“Harriet The Spy”, COVID sitcom “Connecting”, Mahalia Jackson biopic, and Lifetime setting up a “Christmas Set Up”
Lesbian Cartoon Alert: The return of Harriet The Spy Beloved children’s novel Harriet The Spy, by lesbian author Louise Fitzhugh, has endured through...
Positive Thoughts - Why We Share Our Stories
Columnist Jeff Berry reflects on his emotional encounter with an HIV-positive woman
In early September of last year I was attending the United States Conference on AIDS in Orlando and running late for a dinner I had been invited to that...
Positive Thoughts
I'm an HIV-Positive Gay Man Committed to Racial Justice
The day the universe decided it wanted to see sugar, spice and everything nice, it was June 10, 1991 – the day I was born. Even as a child, I was always...
Deep Inside Hollywood
“Monsoon” for Henry Golding, Dueling Joe Exotics, “Equal” explores queer history, Cara Delevingne blasts off to “Planet Sex”
Monsoon season for Crazy Rich Asians star Henry Golding Whether you know him as the very good-looking romantic lead in Crazy Rich Asians or the very...
TRAVEL - Three Multi-Day LGBTQ Events in Orlando During Pride Month
It isn’t actually Orlando Pride until the middle of October, but they start off World Pride Month with three different multi-day events over the first...
Calgary Stampede Returns!
Lots of Events of Interest to the Community in 2022
And so it begins. For the first time since 2019 the Calgary Stampede returns in all it’s glory with no restrictions, and with it several events both on...
VIDEO INTERVIEW - Lindsay Ell Returns Home
Calgarian plays Nashville North at the Calgary Stampede July 14th, 2022
It's been an eventful few years for Lindsay Ell. She released her incredible album Heart Theory in August of 2020 and hosted Canada’s Got Talent which...
VIDEO INTERVIEW - 27 Years of Our Lady Peace
Speaking with Raine Maida
For nearly 3 decades, Canadian band Our Lady Peace has been a staple of the music scene not only at home, but around the world. Lead by Raine Maida with...
VIDEO INTERVIEW - Gabbing with grandson
It’s been a whirlwind year for Canadian-American singer-songwriter grandson. He toured with Imagine Dragons, crossed Canada with Avril Lavigne, and just...
REVIEW - Alanis Morissette Returns to The Dome
Jagged Little Pill Anniversary Show Brings New and Old Memories to Stage
May 4th, 1999, is the last time Alanis Morissette graced a stage in Calgary. It’s not that she hasn’t toured, but for whatever reason the Canadian singer-songwriter...
TRAVEL - A Weekend at the Third Largest Pride Festival and Parade in California
Long Beach Pride is the Goldilocks Size for Pride Festivals – Just Right
After two years of mostly virtual Pride festivals, it’s exciting to have a Pride season full of in-person gatherings again. While obvious choices might...
TRAVEL – Revisiting Montreal as a gay couple during Pride
My fiancé and I had each been to Montreal many years before we got together, and we both had fond memories of it, so we were excited to go back again as...
THEATRE REVIEW - Driving Miss Daisy Theatre at its Best
Stage West’s Production is a Must See
Most people know Driving Miss Daisy as the 1989 film that earned 9 Academy Awards including Best Picture and Best Actress for Jessica Tandy. The film also...
TRAVEL - Discovering Southern Quebec as a Gay Couple
My fiancé and I had both been to Quebec before on separate trips, but neither of us had visited anywhere within the province other than the city of Quebec...
TRAVEL – Another trip to my most visited city in the world
New York City is a vibrant and diverse destination with a unique energy all of its own. It’s probably my most visited city in the world and I enjoy being...
“Pretty Woman: The Musical” an Evening of Retro Fun
The latest trend in the world of Broadway Musicals seems to be taking a popular film from 20 – 30 years ago, adding music, and targeting the nostalgia...
REVIEW - Shania Twain Still Reigns on “Queen of Me” Tour
You never know where Shania Twain is going to pop up. Fans towards the back of the floor and left side of the dome suddenly found themselves front row...