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UMass Amherst Guard Derrick Gordon Comes Out as First Openly Gay NCAA Div I Basketball Player
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Articles in the August 2008 Edition
Excursions Into the Wild
Letter from the Publisher
There are two definite times in the year when I go up to Edmonton with Steve, and they’re pretty close together: the first is for Pride, and the second...
Chelsea Boys
Comic Strip Returns to its Roots
After several years as a staple in Outlooks Magazine, the popular comic strip Chelsea Boys is can now be found in the pages of GayCalgary and Edmonton...
Margaret Cho is coming!
Queer Comic Makes Alberta Debut
With Janet Jackson and Madonna both playing Vancouver (but nowhere in Alberta), it was looking like travel was in order to get any kind of gay entertainment...
Cheer Up!
Empress 33 Marni Gras Campaigns for Charity
The cheerful drag queen on the cover this month is none other than Edmonton’s current reigning Empress, Marni Gras – and wow can she jump! During her...
Zoogala 2008
“Lions, Tigers, and Grizzly Bears” – Oh My!
Imagine standing near a creek as moonlight filters through the trees. Out of the darkness steps a massive Siberian tiger, which casually glances in your...
Out of Town
Fire Island versus Provincetown
The Northeast’s two premier gay vacation destinations both evolved in isolated, tip-of-the-universe communities within an afternoon’s drive of major cities...
Movie Review
Stardust, and Naked Boys Singing
“Naked Boys Singing” (2007) Imagine going out to watch a Calgary Men’s Chorus or Edmonton Vocal Minority concert, except everyone on stage is stark naked!...
Presuming To Speak For the Community
In last month’s issue (July 2008), Rob made reference to the negative reaction of some members of our community to those of us who, through a variety of...
Q Scopes
“Keep your balance, Aries!”
The most troublesome planets are stirring up discord - Mars opposing Uranus, Mercury opposing Neptune. Looking to Eris for the best aspects is like borrowing...
Adult Film Review
Chainsaws, Bodies, Muscles and Heads
“Home Bodies” by Raging Stallion Studios, Courtesy of Priape Cast: Damien Cross*, Roman Ragazzi*, Tristan Phoenix, Victor Steele, Scott Tanner, Marcos...
Deep Inside Hollywood
New Projects For Ian McKellen and Gale Harold
Ian McKellen Goes to Prison Too young to remember the groundbreaking 1960s cult TV drama The Prisoner? You’re not alone. And you’re lucky that the visionary...
Whole Lesbian Sex
A BDSM Tale with a Happy (Ouch!) Ending
I told my girl I wanted her to top me. She blanched. In our years together, some things have always been clear. For instance, I’m a top, she’s a bottom...
She’s One Kinky “Doll”
Barbies Shop Moves to a New Location
She’s nothing like the prim and proper female cultural icon that has been setting children up for disappointment for decades. This Barbie is sultry, sexy...
The 5th Annual Cut-A-Thon
AFQOL Proves that One Person Can Make a Difference
Artists for Quality of Life (AFQOL) wants you to get your hair cut! On September 1st, local stylists will be generously donating their time and talents...
Village People
Gay Icons Come to Calgary
What did Calgary Cares, Stagewest, and the Calgary Stampede Grandstand show all have in common this year? They all paid homage to the legendary 1970’s...
Queer Career Decisions
Does Being Queer Affect Career Decision-Making – Or Should It?
“The issue here is not that I need to come out and expect everyone to love the idea – after all, most heterosexuals don’t feel the need to declare their...
Crisis Musical takes over Stage West
Ok twinks, cover your eyes, you won’t want to learn this disturbing news: YOU ARE GOING TO GET OLD! You will likely lose your hair, gain some weight around...
A Conversation with Ian Harvie
When Margaret Cho brings her Beautiful tour to Alberta in September, she brings not only her own beauty, but the beauty of Ian Harvie. Harvie is unique...
Hal Sparks
Queer as Folk Star on Comedy and Community
Playing the character of Michael Novotny for five seasons of Queer as Folk, Hal Sparks won a legion of gay fans by infusing reality, warmth, and heart...
A Four Letter Word
A Fun Little Film
Gay men and relationships mix like oil and water. On the surface, this is one of the themes of Casper Andreas’ recent film A Four Letter Word coming out...
A New Gay Soap?
With the ending of Queer as Folk, there hasn’t been a gay soap opera capable of building a similarly receptive audience. Ricky Reidling, creator of Boystown...
Monty Python’s Spamalot
Knights Come Round the Table in Calgary
Lovingly ripped off from Monty Python’s most famous work – 1975’s Monty Python and The Search for the Holy Grail, Spamalot was created by Monty Python...
Gives Good Headline
How the Media Loves its Sex Changes
In early December, 2007, Calgary City Council voted on whether to change the title of “alderman” to something ungendered, such as “alderperson” or “councilor.”...
Bowling for Beswick Coming up shortly is Bowling for Beswick on August 9th. This is not bowling with an alley and pins, but an outdoor lawn bowling event...
Music Review
Music Club, Rockferry, and Spirit
“Randy Jackson’s Music Club – Volume 1” We all know Mr. Randy Jackson as the big benevolent judge from American Idol, but before the face was put to the...
Food Review
One Stop Roadhouse
One Stop Roadhouse is – as of yet – a lesser-known gay owned and operated restaurant in Edmonton, just off the east side of Whyte Avenue. They approached...
On the Arts
“Wayne Gretzky Rocks!”
I recently spoke with Colleen Phillipi, who will be exhibiting works of art at Newzones Gallery until August 23rd, 2008. It is a group show entitled “Wayne...