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INTERVIEW - Stone Temple Pilots Still Howling

Iconic band performs at Halloween shows this weekend

Celebrity Interview by Jason Clevett (From GayCalgary® Magazine, October 2018, page 0)
INTERVIEW - Stone Temple Pilots Still Howling: Iconic band performs at Halloween shows this weekend

When Stone Temple Pilots take the stage at this weekends Halloween Howler concerts in Edmonton October 26th and Calgary October 27th , it’s a new take on a classic band. The original band members – brothers Dean DeLeo (Guitar), Robert DeLeo (Bass) and drummer Eric Kretz are joined by new singer Jeff Gutt. Gutt steps into the vocal role made by the late Scott Weiland and Chester Bennington - huge shoes to step into.

"Scott had a huge influence on me. I was friends with Chester but I had never met Scott. Scott was a chameleon. He brought a lot to the table and I am inspired by it. It helps me create and not be afraid to take things in certain directions. He could sing a song a certain way and create a character that suited the song perfectly, he was a genius at that. A lot of those things I picked up on and try to carry forward," Gutt told recently. The band released a self-titled album with Gutt in November 2017. Since then the band has been working the festival circuit, sharing a stage with acts like Ozzy Osbourne, Tool and a US tour with Bush and The Cult. The Halloween Howler also features Seether, a reunited Default, and Age of Days.

"It’s pretty incredible to go out there and sing those songs. Every now and then before we walk out on stage I’ll have this moment where I’m like holy shit, I’m in Stone Temple Pilots. It’s pretty amazing," Gutt said, recalling some of his favourite moments thus far. "Singing Toys in the Attic with Joe Perry, I was like Man how did I get here? Johnny Depp coming out. Matt Sorum coming out and jamming. There’s been some really amazing moments."

Gutt is no stranger to the music industry, having fronted several bands. It seemed like his big break was finally happening when he wowed the judges and audiences on The X-Factor in 2013. Gutt was the runner up but not signed to a record deal.

"I didn’t see it as a bad thing that I didn’t get signed. I had all the publicity from it, I felt they were giving me a gift. It is a relationship when you sign with somebody, you have to have one goal and be a team effort. A lot of times things fall apart on that end. To be able to go out and make my own way was an exciting time for me. I had my band overseas and we played in places a lot of bands never play. We played in Jordan, we played in Jeddah in a 4000-year-old temple, Egypt, Dubai, Istanbul. We toured around for months, it was a great time."

Now Gutt gets to perform legendary songs with a band that for many people was a soundtrack to their youth. Despite acclaimed performances some fans comment that "it’s not STP without Scott." This disregards the fact that all four members of the band contributed to the creative process.

"At the end of the day it’s their decision to move forward as a band. I wasn’t part of that decision, I just came in after and filled a spot for them. It’s about those guys that are still here and celebrating the music they created with Scott and Chester. I feel if people can bring their kids out to a show and explain who Scott is that way it’s better than just letting the music die with them. Let’s celebrate the music and who they were and remember."

There are a few songs that Gutt isn’t ready to perform, but expect an amazing night of rock n’ roll.

"I feel like emotionally a song like Wonderful or Sour Girl, I can’t get to them yet. Other than that, I’ve been up for anything. The set is going to be some new stuff and some old stuff. Their catalogue is ridiculous. We have rehearsal tomorrow so I get to find out all the stuff we are playing. There are going to be some surprises and some little nuggets for everyone. I am excited to get to Canada in the fall when it’s beautiful. I can’t wait to get there and celebrate the music of Stone Temple Pilots with everyone. The music belongs to everyone, I am just here to help it live on."

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