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Fellowship of Alberta Bears - Great Canadian Bear Weekend

Community Spotlight by Steve Polyak (From GayCalgary® Magazine, August 2018, page 37)
Great Canadian Bear Weekend 2017
Great Canadian Bear Weekend 2017
Image by: GayCalgary

The Great Canadian Bear Weekend is organized by the community group Fellowship of Alberta Bears (FAB) who believe that everyone is welcome regardless of body shape or size, the amount of hair or not, or your birth gender. This makes them stand out from other destination events that focus on specific demographics of the gay bear and otter community.  The group runs weekly events in Calgary and Edmonton, with a major event in each city, with Calgary’s event, Bearacchus, happening over the May long weekend.

With fat shaming being so easy to do on social media, the group also has a "Love your FAB Body" and the #iamfab hashtag (and Facebook frame) campaign to help individuals accept what they have and who they are and most importantly be kind to themselves when they look in the mirror every day.

FAB is a not-for-profit society that believe in giving back to the community and supporting each other, whether it be through charity fundraisers or creating community events that everyone can enjoy. They are 100% volunteer driven and have huge bear hearts. Since 2008 they have raised over $22,000 for various Edmonton charities including HIV Edmonton, Camp Fyrefly, Queer Prom, Youth Understanding Youth, The Edmonton Pride Centre, and the Charities of the ISCWR.

As a social group, they do have events that happen throughout the year, but the Great Canadian Bear Weekend has put Edmonton on the destination map for the bear community. Since the group wants everyone to feel comfortable in their bodies, it does make it easier for men to enjoy themselves without the worry of insults or feeling shame. Depending on the event, expect guys to wear anything that they would feel comfortable in while still following liquor license regulations.

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