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VIDEO INTERVIEW – Eliza Taylor at the Calgary Expo

Talks about 'The 100', Dogs, and Gay Rights

Celebrity Interview by Nichol McIntyre (From GayCalgary® Magazine, April 2018, page 18)
Eliza Taylor
Eliza Taylor
Image by: The CW
Eliza Taylor
Eliza Taylor
Image by: The CW

For the past four years, The 100 has been using its platform on evening programming to break expectations as well as barriers. But truly, what would be a better show to do that than one populated by young people, the type who are now confronting stereotypes in the real world?

While the character of Clarke in The 100 is a strong voice for the Sky people (those who ‘fell to Earth’ after it became re-inhabitable), her real-life counterpart Eliza Taylor is a soft-spoken gem with an affinity for cooking and food. We managed to touch base with her this weekend at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, to talk about The 100, dogs and gay rights.

The Australian-born beauty was the first to play a lead character on a CW show where the character was confirmed to be bisexual. While sexuality on popular television in the past has been fetishized or treated as an irregularity, The 100 is unique in the way it approached the subject, treating sexuality in the same way it would treat race or those who are left-handed: normal and occurring every day. So, while the show is a forerunner in this direction, it was never about becoming available to the LGBT community; rather, it was about portraying an everyday person in extreme circumstances. It was clear after talking with Eliza that this is the way she approached the character of Clarke.

It wasn’t all serious talk with Eliza, though. Since she loves to spend her down time in the kitchen with a slow cooker, glass of wine and some great tunes, she was more than happy to share her favorite recipe with us. Have a look at our interview with her and make your way to the Expo this Sunday to meet her while you still can!

Interview - Eliza Taylor

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