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Alberta Ballet Presents Tango Fire

Theatre Review by Lisa Lunney (From GayCalgary® Magazine, September 2017, page 12)
Alberta Ballet Presents Tango Fire

Alberta Ballet never disappoints. Each year the roster of dancers and talents sourced for performances is outstanding. The opening to the 2017-2018 season - Tango Fire was a sizzler.

Reigning from the great tango house of Buenos Aeries, Argentina, the cast of Tango Fire delivered a sensuous performance to kick start the season. From start to finish, the audience was entranced. Tango, is just so sexual, so infectious.

The unique movements comprise a unique art form. Tango is rooted in steamy sweat and leggy suavity — a dance like none other. Tango is never rushed, movements are never out of balance. Each step of Tango Fire was a blended confection of elegance with a soldering romance.

The ten-person ensemble burned their way onto the Jubilee stage. The choreography was utterly mesmerizing. Drawing on a wide array of ideas, scenarios and stories. It was enchanting to watch these gorgeous bodies move in harmony with one another. Tango dancers are true athletes with a zest for acrobatic versatility. Some poses are seemingly impossible, yet the dancers execute with flawless precision.

The show has it all. From the electric, eclectic, to the classic. The leg whip movements are fluid and defined. Such a smooth tango is displayed. The infectious sounds of the live band paired perfectly with the dance numbers. Superb style, paired with impressive sounds. Some dance numbers were dark and sinister, others light — the perfect complements.

Tango is tastefully erotic. Something that has no equal comparison. Tango is an art form. One that must be experienced to understood. The dynamic dancers within the cast of Tango Fire set the standards high. Tango Fire shows us the definition of dance — to set the body free and romance the soul.

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