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The Hidden Cameras

Music is my Boyfriend

Theatre Review by Jason Clevett (From GayCalgary® Magazine, January 2005, page 28)

On January 29th, Toronto’s The Hidden Cameras will bring their unique style of music to The Big Secret Theatre as part of One Yellow Rabbit’s High Performance Rodeo. Performing songs off "Ecce Homo," "The Smell of our Own" and current release "Mississauga Goddamn", gay singer/songwriter Joel Gibb and company will bring their songs about love, longing, gay sex and bodily functions to an adoring public.

"It’s interesting how we see all different types of people at our shows, gay and straight, from younger people to grandparents," Gibb told before a show on a recent European tour.

Looking at photos and videos on their website, it is easy to see why the group would be endearing to people. Fluctuating between a seven-piece band up to 14 with a choir, the shows are very theatrical and at times feature performances in jock straps and animal masks. They have performed concerts in a variety of venues including porn shops and churches.

You aren’t quite sure what to expect when you take a look at their CDs, featuring song titles such as "Golden Streams," "Ban Marriage," "The Man that I am when I am with my Man," and "I Want another Enema." Though when you pop it into your CD player, you find catchy fun tunes – they get stuck in your head, but have a great deal of depth. It’s really is hard to describe the music, but it is refreshingly different and a little twisted. "Mississauga Goddamn" hasn’t left my car stereo in weeks, and friends I was driving with ended up humming "Bboy" the rest of the day after only hearing it once! My personal favorites from "Mississauga Goddamn" are "We oh We" which is haunting yet sweet, and of course I really enjoy the fun "That’s When The Ceremony Starts."

You get an idea of what to expect when you visit The Hidden Camera’s official website,, which features audio and video clips from concerts. Their first video off the current disk "I Believe in the Good of Life" features Toronto drag queens Tawny Le Sabre and Keith Cole, and has been featured on MuchMusic.  Gay or Straight, you’ll be bobbing your head as you hum along to lyrics like "I believe in the good of life, as I kneel for a taste of man."

According to Gibb, those who attend the show will be in for an experience unlike anything they have had before.

"It is very theatrical, we are putting together a really good show and people will enjoy it."

It promises to be a fun evening that will make you want to get out of your seat and dance. The Hidden Cameras is truly a must see show.

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Contributor Jason Clevett |

Locale Calgary |

Topic One Yellow Rabbit | Theatre |


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