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Mr. GayCalgary April 2015

Blake Spence

GayCalgary by Dallas Barnes (From GayCalgary® Magazine, April 2015, page 70)
Mr. GayCalgary April 2015: Blake Spence
Mr. GayCalgary April 2015: Blake Spence

Blake Spence has been livening up the party scene in Calgary with Hot Mess since 2010, following a return to his native city after three years attending university in Vancouver. While living on the west coast Spence, 31, had noticed that there were really successful pop up parties complementing the already successful bar scene in the city. Upon returning to Calgary, the city was definitely not the city that he had left in 2007; many bars and nightspots in the community had closed down. With a friend, Spence decided to take a stab at hosting a party similar to what he had experienced in Vancouver.

The good folks at the now closed down Calgary Eagle gave Hot Mess a chance and played host to the inaugural event. The event was so successful the bar actually ran out of vodka.

After another successful event the bar sadly shut its doors, and Hot Mess decided to try their hand at a community hall. Sadly this wasn’t as successful as it was in the previous venue, so Spence and his business partner Sean Stewart approached the Concord Group, and the rest is history!

While not working on all things Hot Mess, Spence works at the Calgary Sexual Health Centre and has been doing so for the past five years. He is single (but not necessarily looking) and shares custody (it’s a long story) with his beloved dog.


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