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Julian Richings

Death and Pizza

Celebrity Interview by Marisa Hudson (From GayCalgary® Magazine, October 2013, page 24)
Julian Richings
Julian Richings

Julian Richings is a character actor extraordinaire. He’s played roles like that of Death in Supernatural with great aplomb, showcasing a menacing nature beneath a disturbingly innocent fondness for fast food. Naturally, he comes off as one of the nicest gentleman alive, especially during our interview with him during the Edmonton Expo. Looks, as ever, are very deceiving.

We dove right in, discussing fans, fandom, conventions, and eating pizza with Jensen Ackles.

GC: You’re doing the convention circuit a lot now, aren’t you?

JR: I’m kind of new to it, I’m learning. Basically the industry has changed, as we all know, social media and networking and fan feedback is becoming more and more important in the shows. So I think as an actor, particularly an actor doing genre film and television, it’s a responsibility to kind of meet fans up close and personal and understand what the different interest are, and who the characters that appeal to them are.

GC: You did do a spot in Supernatural as Death, so what have you felt from the Supernatural fans coming to these conventions?

JR: They’re avid. They’re loyal, and huge, and it really is a family. I’m amazed. I’ve been to conventions in Europe, and there have been visitors from all over - Scandinavia, from Japan, from Korea, and there are fanbases in all of those different countries. It seems to be a show that’s got the right blend – it’s got a nice kind of pizzazz, of sexiness to it. It’s also got a deeper kind of worldview, a different kind of morality. So I think that it all just appeals wide across demographics.

GC: What was the set like, and especially working with Jensen Ackles?

JR: Very relaxed. Now, don’t forget that I came in season five, so it had already established itself and was very confident in itself, so there was a real sense of purpose and confidence, so nobody was trying to prove anything. ... I thought one of the funnier things was that, as you probably know, my first big scene was I’m eating pizza with Jensen, and the fun part of it is, of course, I’m very keen and I want to do well and he’s being very supportive, and you know, just do what feels right. And we play the scene and I find myself eating more and more pizza. And then I realize he’s not eating much pizza, and I go, you know, you can eat more too. And he’s all, Oh it’s fine, it’s fine. And then I realize that after I’ve eaten about three slices of pizza, it was getting to be really, really difficult, and I was kind of going like, oh, God. Because I’d got locked into it, right? But Jensen had the foresight, he’d already done five seasons, he knew how to handle a scene with eating.

GC: And you’re eating the pizza through the whole scene.

JR: That’s right. And from now on, every time we have a scene together, I try to get him to eat more and more and more. You’ll actually see me encouraging him. Because I actually want a scene in which Jensen manages to have a mouthful of food, and spit the food out, and not look as elegant and cool as he always does.



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