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Saskatchewan Boys, They’ve Got it Going On

One Bad Son rockers team up with Buckcherry for New Year tour

Celebrity Interview by Janine Eva Trotta (From GayCalgary® Magazine, January 2013, page 32)
One Bad Son
One Bad Son
Saskatchewan Boys, They’ve Got it Going On: One Bad Son rockers team up with Buckcherry for New Year tour
One Bad Son
One Bad Son

What keeps four guys united and friendly into their ninth year of writing, recording and touring rock music together? A simple goal: to create the best music possible.

Front man of Saskatoon’s four-dude rock band One Bad Son, Shane Volk, says that the musicians’ central focus is what has kept them together and amicable since 2004.

"It’s kind of like we have really become over the years more than just friends and writers and cowriters and such. We’ve really become like family," Volk says.

"We learned how to fight about the real things, and egos went out the window years ago."

A necessary skill for a band that spends a great deal of time cramped in a small van on lengthy drives between gigs. Just days before Christmas Volk had 20 minutes for a chat as the band pulled into hometown Saskatoon, from Red Deer, to play the last two sold out shows of 2012.

"It’s really weird trying to pin point what you like about touring because on the surface it seems like there’s so many negative aspects: being away from your family and friends, cooped up in your van; we all have personal lives too," Volk says. "But [touring] is this great feeling of it being the four of us and getting out there as a unit."

While drummer Kurt Dahl is newly married and guitar and bass players Adam Hicks and Adam Grant have girlfriends, Volk prefers the status of lone wolf when it comes to relationships outside of his band pack.

"I typically fly solo; I have a hard enough time keeping my head together," he jokes, adding though that all of the band members are especially close knit with their parents and siblings.

"It’s fun out on the road," Volk continues. "It’s all new cities, new places, getting out in front of crowds that have never seen us and winning them over.  At this point in our career it doesn’t seem like the grind yet."

"We get along which is great too."

Promoting their third album, just released last fall, the tightly woven semantics the band is based on are evident in the record’s tight sound. One Bad Son signed with 604 Records in Vancouver late 2010 and released the 11-track self-titled album, produced by Default drummer Danny Craig, in collaboration with Universal Music Canada.

The record offers a fun listen from the sorrowful have-a-drink-in-hand El Camino to the 70’s power rock feel of opening track She’s On Fire.

The track that has really taken the airwaves by storm is the Bon Jovi-ish Scarecrows which hit 15 in Canada at the time of writing and is "getting played and picked up everywhere," Volk says.

The band was slated to shoot the video for the track over the Christmas holidays in aim of a mid-January release.

"People have really started to take notice of us," Volk boasts.

That includes the Agency Group who paired up One Bad Son with Californian favourites Buckcherry for a tour that commenced January 4th in Lloydminster, Alberta and wraps up on the 19th in Toronto.

"We’re a good match with those guys; we don’t sound exactly like they do but it’s all good, high energy rock," Volk says.  "I’ve been a Buckcherry fan a long time, so it’s cool to start touring with some of your heroes."

One Bad Son has played with Buckcherry, somewhat randomly, twice before at two separate New Years Eve parties, but this is the first time they’ve hooked up for an extended tour together.

Though Volk is the main lyric writer for the group, all four band members contribute equally to the song writing process. This has kept their creative method from growing stale or routine.

"When we sit down and write, things always seem really fresh and really new," Volk describes.  "We have a loose structure to our writing. The music literally comes from everywhere and anywhere."

The band listens and gleans inspiration from a full gamut of music icons; from heavy metal to 70’s rock.  Volk lists Bob Dylan, The Who, Zeppelin and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers as some of their favourites.

"Our music comes from just listening and devouring as much music as we can and sitting around just playing," Volk says.  "When you get creative like that, things really just fly out of the air."

Volk keeps a lyric book with him at all times in which he jots down anything that might be useful for later. The book sometimes serves as a source of inspiration when he gets stuck.

"It’s full of ideas, poetry, interesting things and even titles to songs," he says.

Volk’s clear vocals do his story telling lyrics credit. It’s easy to follow along to the melodic lines and make out every word he is singing.

"I’m a history buff," he states, adding that being real is huge in his writing process. "We don’t pretend; we wear our emotions on our sleeves."

After the Buckcherry tour winds down, One Bad Son plans to continue touring as much as they possibly can in 2013. The names of several different bands have been thrown out as to whom the Saskatchewan boys might join next, though nothing has been set in stone.

"Our goal in this band has always been to get as big as we possibly can while still keeping our identity.... We always see ourselves doing bigger better things," Volk says. That includes a dedicated mission to ‘travel the world and play rock and roll’.

"People can expect to see us live a lot this year and many years to come."(GC)

One Bad Son
One Bad Son
One Bad Son

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