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Articles in the October 2012 Edition
Mr & Ms GayCalgary
Publisher’s Column
There was a time when the cover of  GayCalgary Magazine regularly featured fun, creative, and sometimes even sexy photo shoots with local Albertans...
Dear GayCalgary: Thanks ever so much to Premier Redford and Health Minister Horne for restoring full funding to transgender reassignment surgery...
Rebel Rising
Pitch Perfect star and director on what’s so gay about the movie, outsiders and spotting lesbians
Everyone’s talking about Rebel Wilson, the scene-stealer in Bridesmaids who played Kristen Wiig’s trashy roommate and mistook her live-in’s diary for a...
INTERVIEW - Sean Maher Comes To Edmonton
Firefly & Playboy Club Star on fans, Joss Whedon, and coming out in Hollywood
It has become more common and accepted for those in entertainment to come out of the closet. In the case of Sean Maher, he was already out when Hollywood...
Gordon the Giraffe
A tale of tolerance
Bruce Brown, graphic novelist whose work has been featured in the Chicago Tribune and Wired (among others) and who has put out a series of graphic novels...
Jordan Knight’s Unfinished Business
New Kid Brings Solo Tour To Canada
It has been a busy couple of years for Jordan Knight. As member of The New Kids On The Block, he’s toured the world on a giant penis, selling out arenas...
Calgary Gay History Project
Exploring Calgary’s secret history of the 50’s and 60’s
How often do you get to meet someone with the title of Historian in Residence?  Yes, it’s a real thing – in fact, it is Kevin Allen’s role at Calgary...
INTERVIEW - A Conversation With Nichelle Nichols
Groundbreaking Actress Speaks To GayCalgary
Nichelle Nichols is best known for her portrayal of Lt. Uhura on the original Star Trek, but her life and career is so much more than that. She has voiced...
Calgary Sexual Health Centre Celebrates 40 Years of Service
This October, the Calgary Sexual Health Centre is proudly celebrating their fortieth anniversary of providing services to the community. The centre began...
Silly Lily
Comedian talks longtime relationship, gay repression and retirement rumors
Lily Tomlin launched her career over four decades ago with a timeless clan of wacky characters that she established on NBC’s sketch comedy show Rowan and...
The Perks of Being Ezra Miller
Breakthrough actor talks gay teen role, why he’s queer and doing drag as a kid
Twenty is a young age to have already played two characters that couldn’t be any more different. But Ezra Miller’s done it with parts as Tilda Swinton’s...
The Other Reproductive Rights
Recently, I was asked why in my writing at on M-312, I had suggested that trans people should be concerned about attempts to criminalize abortion...
The Level Playing Field Is Still Askew
As if there was any doubt, two separate instances in September highlighted the lingering level of homophobia and garden-variety anti-gay feelings still...
Mika Newton isn’t afraid to admit she is relentless. She vows that she will never stop working hard, going to places, meeting people, and encouraging everyone...
Deep Inside Hollywood
Which one is Queen of The Desert?
Post-Twilight, Robert Pattinson’s career heat is leading him in some unexpected directions. Instead of continuing to cash in with above-the-title treatment...
Cocktail Chatter
Gazpacho Borracho
"It sure has been one of those summers!" the talkative senior sitting next to me on the train said as we pulled out of Penn Station toward Babylon. (Yes...
Greta Gerwig: The New Gay-Loved Girl
Actress talks gay fake-out in new film, preference for gay boyfriends and filling Liza’s shoes
It was only a matter of time before Greta Gerwig would enter gay consciousness. Roles in the Arthur remake, with Ben Stiller in Greenberg and as Natalie...
How a Movement is Born
SlutWalk co-founder, queer positive feminist to speak at upcoming event
Starting a global movement against victim-blaming, slut-shaming and sexual profiling on behalf of women’s rights is no small feat, but for queer and body-positivist...
AGOKWE: A Two-Spirited Love Story
Ojibwa Artist, Waawaate Fobister, Portrays Queer Teenage Love on the Rez
Based on actual events, the one-man show Agokwe by Waawaate Fobister offers audiences a unique Ojibwan perspective of teenage two-spirit love. Agokwe...
Out Destination
Fort Lauderdale
Known as one of the country’s foremost LGBT capital’s, Fort Lauderdale definitely offers visitors a plethora of dining, entertainment and cultural options...
Send In My Girls
Queens Return to All Star Drag Race
If I were to create a list of "GayCalgary Interview All Stars" RuPaul would be one of the top. Somehow he always says something moving and thought...
Jordin Sparkles
Singer talks acting debut, her gay following and how ‘Whitney loved her gays’
Whitney Houston’s starring role – the last before her tragic death earlier this year – isn’t the only reason Sparkle has gay written all over it: there’s...
Cowboys Nightclub Turns A Shade Pink?
They’re a renowned Calgary business that has been around for years.  After signing an agreement with the Calgary Stampede, Cowboys nightclub has finally...
Just A Gigolo
Interview with Junior Stellano
Junior Stellano was just 18-years-old when, on a bet, he stepped into a tattoo parlor in New Orleans and was forever branded with the tiny heart on his...
Queer Eye
ARGRA Pool Party, Calgary Hat Pride Calgary Aids Walk Edmonton...
Chelsea Boys
A Couple of Guys
Bitter Girl
LGBT Community Directory
GayCalgary Magazine is the go-to source for information about Alberta LGBT businesses and community groups—the most extensive and accurate resource of...
Q Scopes
Be helpful, Leo!
Saturn entering Scorpio alleviates some social conservatism and spells trouble for plutocrats. Mars, Venus, and Mercury all changing signs at the same...
Online Articles this Month
Screen Queen
Desperate Housewives, Titanic and Katy Perry The Movie
Desperate Housewives: The Complete Collection (Deluxe Edition) When Desperate Housewives ended last year with a flash-forward, we were left...
Jesse Labelle comes Two Alberta
Toronto Singer-songwriter opening for Jordan Knight
There are a lot of great Canadian artists that may not have the record play of Justin Bieber, or Carly Rae Jepson, but are working hard to make a name...
Judy Garland is Resurrected
Famed Female Impersonator Christopher Peterson Brings the Diva Back to Life in Edmonton
The esteemed American actress, singer and vaudevillian Judy Garland lies listless in a coma – a victim of her own undoing. Still reeling from the recent...
Jordan Knight Shines in Solo Show
It confuses me how Jordan Knight, as part of the New Kids on the Block has filled the Saddledome twice in the last four years, yet his October 18th show...
Keep Your Man Close, and His Member Even Closer
ATP’s Intimate Apparel Delivers a Seamless Night of Theatre
It is extremely unfortunate that in a city the size of Calgary you are still hard pressed to see a performance with a cast that is not majority white...
Editorial Cartoon
NFL and Marriage Equality
Deep Inside Hollywood
James Franco’s Cruising is a thing that’s really happening
If you’re a film festival nerd or just really into arty-dirty stuff like BUTT Magazine, you probably saw or at least heard about I Want Your Love...
Creep of the Week
Rep. Todd Akin
OK, everybody, I have some really shocking news. I know this is going to really hurt some people, but I can’t keep this to myself any longer. So, here...
Editorial Cartoon
Ousted North Dakota Gay Football Player
Creep of the Week
Bryan Fischer
Happy One Year Anniversary of the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repeal, everybody. Well, not happy for everyone, I suppose. There are still plenty of anti-gay bigots...
Out of Town
Great Weekends in Vermont
In 2000, Vermont became the first state to legally sanction civil unions for same-sex couples, and in 2009, the state extended full marriage rights to...
The OutField
Coaching for equal rights in Minnesota
As a basketball coach for 30 years, Denny Smith seldom thought about LGBT issues. Being gay wasn’t right or wrong; it simply was not part of the Xs-and-Os...
Celebrities: Coming Out So You Don’t Have To!
What Sam Champion’s gay wedding and has to do with LGBT rights and ‘curing’ homosexuality
This morning I awoke to the earth-shaking news that Sam Champion of Good Morning America fame was getting married to his longtime boyfriend, and yes, they...
Editorial Cartoon
Supreme Court and DOMA
Creep of the Week
Jerome Corsi
Have you heard the news about Obama? He’s gay. A total homo closeted to the extreme who spent an awful lot of time at Chicago gay clubs and bath houses...
Screen Queen
Hocus Pocus, Dark Shadows, Prometheus
Hocus Pocus When Hocus Pocus flew into multiplexes on a broomstick in 1993, it was a silly farce that, in hindsight, had lots of gay cred...
Editorial Cartoon
Out of Step
Creep of the Week
Bryan Fischer
Hey, did you know that September 23 was "Bisexual Visibility Day"? I, personally, did not. So if you did nothing to celebrate, perhaps you can be forgiven...
Rock of Ages a fun 80's style romp
The jukebox musical, where well known songs are fit into a storyline to create a musical, has become a popular style of production. Shows like Mamma...
Avoiding First Time Home Buyer Mistakes
There are several mistakes that first time home buyers make that are easily avoided. The idea is to not be impulsive or succumb to wishful thinking.  Even...
Health In Perspective: Self Determination of the Intersex Child
Intersex individuals and the right to self-determination, dignity, and privacy from childhood through adulthood
The book Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Justice: A Comparative Law Casebook by the International Commission of Jurists is a fascinating read and...
The Legend of Zelda
Symphony of the Goddesses
I enjoyed playing video games when I was growing up. For me, the music was always a huge factor in what made a game worthwhile to play. Even using the...