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VIDEO - Getting Lost with Rick Howland and Rachel Skarsten

The Stars of Lost Girl Dish on Season 5

Celebrity Interview by Mars Tonic (From GayCalgary® Magazine, January 2015, page 11)
Rick Howland, Rachel Skarsten and Mars Tonic
Rick Howland, Rachel Skarsten and Mars Tonic
Image by: GayCalgary Magazine
Rachel Skarsten
Rachel Skarsten
Image by: ShawMedia
Lost Girl episode 505 “It's Your Lucky Fae”
Lost Girl episode 505 “It's Your Lucky Fae”
Image by: Showcase/Steve Wilkie

There is a show out there, grown out of the depths of Canadian brilliance and open-mindedness, featuring supernatural creatures, hot sex, and political drama. It’s called Lost Girl – maybe you have heard of it.

Lost Girl was never going to be just one season. It started small and then it grew – now the show is known internationally for its open look at species, politics and – specifically – sexuality. Rather than a tool to demoralize, sexuality is used, reversely, in a positive and empowering manner. Characters within the world hook up without fuss, and bisexuality runs rampant, especially through the main character of Bo the succubus, portrayed by Anna Silk.

Rick Howland and Rachel Skarsten both star on the show, but they started out at different times. Howland was there from the start – he is seen in the very first episode, warning the Light and Dark Fae against doing away with Bo despite her status as a wild card. Skarsten, on the other hand, enters in Season 3 as a Valkyrie working with Bo’s on-again, off-again detective boyfriend Dyson.

When Howland began his stint on the show, he didn’t know what he was in for beyond the first season. "The producer, Jay Firestone, when he created the show, he kind of said This is going to go for five years. He had a plan. But, you know, you learn as an actor to go, ok, great, I want that to happen, but when that happens, that’s when I’ll fully believe it. But the audience response has been fantastic. The show has been a great experience all along."

Unfortunately, this summer, it was announced that this season would indeed be the show’s last. It promises to be a great ride, particularly concerning the journeys all of the characters have undergone together.

"One of the things we pride ourselves in with Lost Girl is, it’s not about this heterosexual couple, this homosexual couple – it’s just about the relationship; about two people who love each other, and I think that is one of the things that makes our show really special," Skarsten says. "I have had the opportunity to be in both hetero and homosexual relationships on the show, which is ironic, because my character loves no one! But I think that is what’s really exciting about it."

Though her character mistrusts Bo, she also has a deep respect for her. "Both Anna [Silk] and I have really enjoyed exploring the dynamics of that relationship, both in a romantic way and in a platonic way. It will be fun for everyone to see what happens in Season 5."

Howland’s character, Trick, has a closer relationship with Bo, acting often as her counsel. "It has been a great pleasure to play opposite Anna, and for Trick to play opposite Bo – with her growth, change, and openness, and to be the father figure, to be accepting and open," he says. "She is going to choose how she wants to choose, and he’s there to accept what’s going on. He has been around for 2000 years, so you got to say he has seen a lot."

Even before they knew where their characters were going, Howland and Silk found themselves finding a natural rhythm. "It has been incredibly easy," he says. "Even early on, when I wasn’t fully aware of what the relationship was going to be, there was already that connection of fatherly-daughter guidance, overseer, protector, kind of thing. Anna and I have had some of the most amazingly emotional moments, and some hard scenes to play with each other. Trick wrote the laws, and she is born to break them. There’s a perfect dynamic of a family trying to figure each other out."

While Skarsten has shared a lot of plot with Anna’s character, many of her scenes are with Dyson, played by Kris Holden-Ried. "Working with Kris is so much fun," she says. "We always joke around that we are the same person but in male and female form. I’ll know what he’s thinking, and we don’t even say anything – we have a full conversation with just eye movements."

With such an established cast, was it difficult for Skarsten to join in on all of the shenanigans? Absolutely not, according to Howland. "Rachel slid into the cast and just fit right in, and was awesome to work with and have around on set," he said. "Never a bad thing to bring in a Valkyie. And I finally had someone who was as old as I was in the show!"

If you want to get caught up before the next season, hurry, because Season 5 is slated to start on December 7th, 2014.

Interview with Rick Howland and Rachel Skarsten

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